Front Door; your first impression.

I am sure you must have also heard the popular saying that the first impression matters a lot.  When people come to your home for the first time, what do you think they see first –the paint colour of the house, the landscape, or the architectural design? Whether you believe it or not, your front door is what they notice first and that’s what creates the first impression about your home. In London today, most Georgian and Victorian homeowners are paying more attention to their front doors as homes are being designed in such a way that the first attraction about the home is the front door.

Victorian doors

The importance of your Front door

Making a great first impression means you have to have a great front door as well. Don’t forget that is the first feature your guest sees when they visit your home.

Victorian front doors.JPG



It adds value to your home

You may be surprised to know that your period front door could add a really great value to the home when you are trying to sell the home. Since this is the first feature prospective buyers notice as they come for your home, having a great looking front door could make the other feature of the home more appealing. This could also work in the opposite as a bad front door could put buyers off. However, that doesn’t mean your Victorian door alone will sell your home, but it will certainly be a great plus. And even if it’s not your plan to sell your home anytime soon, a quality front door will forever be a piece adding value to your home when the time comes for you to sell. That, of course, will mean a higher asking price.

Period front doors.JPG

It gives a sense of security

Your front door does not only have the ability to invite people in by its appealing look, it also serves the purpose of keeping intruders away. The common point of entry into your home is the front door; both for unwanted intruders and honorable guests alike. However, if your front door looks old, worn-out, flimsy, and easy to breach, it may be a welcoming invitation to thieves. Whereas, a strong looking and a solid door, on the other hand, is a powerful deterrent and sends out that impression that your home is locked down and well protected.





5 thoughts on “Front Door; your first impression.

  1. This is absolutely correct.
    I have earned more respect in my neighborhood since I got my new Victorian door.
    It can be funny but that’s the truth.


  2. This reminds me of when I sold my last property. That was when I knew getting a quality front door for the home few years ago was very much worth it.


  3. Trust me, you just can’t imagine how pleasant it could be when you have an amazing front door. It’s really worth having a good one to ‘welcome’ your guests.


  4. I agree. An old looking door would not help you. You are only sending out the wrong signals to burglars. I learnt that the hard way when a burglar knocked down my door with one kick! Jeez! The memory is not leaving my brain soon and I advise you invest in a good door once and for all.


  5. Wow. This is cool. Well, my place is a bit peaceful so I worry less about thieves. Nevertheless, I think I’ll have a look at my door and make a change. At least, for the sake of selling it off one day or even to make visitors feel welcomed.


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