Aspects of front door security, part 1

The security of a front door should be thought of like a chain; it is only as good as its weakest link.

Mortice lock
A mortice deadlock should be fitted at knee-height

If you have a brand new, handmade, bespoke front door fitted with flimsy locks, then clearly it’s security is limited by its locks. One big kick, the lock’s fixing screws may give and in you go.

The same high quality front door, fitted with high quality locks but hung in an old, repaired Victorian front door frame, will fail because the lock keeps will break out of the frame when it is attacked.

A flimsy, cheap door in a new, hardwood door frame, fitted with great locks, may simply fall to pieces when a burglar puts his size 9s through it.

Victorian four panel door
Nothing lasts forever! A Victorian front door in St. Leonards- on- Sea

However, a new, strong door, with excellent locks, fitted to a new hardwood door frame is a very different matter, which may result in the burglar visiting A&E with a broken foot, rather than his pals in the pub with his stolen loot.



6 thoughts on “Aspects of front door security, part 1

  1. I wouldn’t imagining myself getting a brand new front door with a bad lock in the first place. I place my security over anything which is one of the reasons I’m getting the door anyways.


  2. This is one of the few things i do consider about front doors. No matter how beautiful it is; Victorian or any other, the locks on it will have to be a trusted one.


  3. I sure can’t joke with my security. That’s why I have wisely chosen Bespoke for my doors. Good doors with excellent locks are what they offer always.


  4. LOL. A new, strong door, with excellent locks, fitted to a new hardwood door frame is the surest way to keep your house from being burgled! I’ve had different experiences with these guys and I’m not the bit impressed. One just have to bring out money to get the best.


  5. My house has been burgled times without number and I’m beginning to wonder what could be wrong. I’ve tried different doors recommended but I realized the problem is not in the door but in been careful. I got a new door now, a stronger frame and good locks. I added three locks and made sure they are always locked. Now, I don’t worry much about burglars.


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