Front door color trends for 2018


Period front doors are ever evolving and have had a different style, tone and color in every era. The current front door color trends tend to be more towards the lighter shades, but also depend heavily on the region where you live and its weather as well as its own ongoing London front door color trends. We break down the most popular front door trends:

Breakfast room green


Victorian  door.JPG

This is the cooler, lighter weight and carefree choice for your front door. It adds a more breezy look to your Victorian front door and will be an inviting gesture to anyone (hopefully not an intruder!)  about to enter your house. Just add this brilliant combination of white and green into your house and achieve this cool, pretty look for your house. If white and green isn’t quite your cup of tea, go for a different shade combination such as white and pale blue. Either way, you’re making a fabulous choice that will add all the more beauty to your house!

Yellow cake


Who doesn’t want some sunshine in their life! This color is inspired by the sun, the sunflowers and everything nature. It’s a bright yellow – warm and inviting color that adds some nuance into your house and will make it even more gorgeous. Make sure this color is actually in sync with the rest of your home décor and not clashing with the colors as it is a pretty radical choice and can look like a mess if not considered properly.


Period front doors.JPG

The redder the merrier! Red is the perfect bold and empowering choice you want to make for your front door. Think of it as an inspired by the rose. It really adds a more flowery and deductive touch to your house. This color happens to be quite niche. However, this also makes it a much more unique option and hence will add a distinct vibe of hot and pretty. You’re in for a lot of oohs and perhaps a shower of compliments from your guests!

Stiffkey blue

Victorian front door

This is another inviting color but also has some distinct personality that makes it a bold and empowering choice. It’s the ideal choice in case your inner decor happens to be painted in a lighter color. That’s a really beautiful choice that can add more uniqueness and personality to the front of your house. As with red, this is definitely a more standard choice and hence must be made in accordance with the rest of the home décor. It must not clash with the color of the walls inside or it might end up looking hideous!

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Some Interesting Facts About Doors


Doors are not just the gateway to our houses – they’re truly our first introduction to the people around us! You might not have paid much attention to the art of doors until you had to purchase one. While it is very important to be aware of details about the quality, design and make of period front doors as you are buying them, it’s also fun to learn some historic, architectural and informational trivia about doors just to gain some fun knowledge and perhaps impress your friends! Here, we break down some interesting and fascinating facts about the doors around the world.

Victorian Doors

Victorian Doors are all the rage in houses inside London, but they have a history that goes way beyond – a century or so ago! During the Victorian Era, doors were quite the status symbol and were seen as an indication of the wealth and status of the houses’ occupants. They were often carved and then grained or painted in order to look more expensive. Gleaming Brass or Stained glass was often used to make the door furniture. Then and now, Victorian front Doors have maintained their legacy and continue to be a very important feature of the quintessential London house. Moreover, they have expanded in variety and now come in a number of different sizes, designs, textures and make.

Victorian front doors

The Largest Door in The World

The largest door in the world happens to be located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, in the Vehicle Assembly Building in NASA! The door is more than 450 feet high. In fact, there are four of these doors situated at the same place—each big enough to enable the in and out of space shuttles in the building. The doors are so huge that they take around 45 minutes just to close or open!



Bizarrely enough, doors have quite an important place within dreams and can be interpreted to represent many things. The most common belief is that a door is meant to be an indication of change within one’s life if it appears in a dream. The appearance of the door, on the other hand, is a marker of how you feel about this change in your life. Some things really have more significance than it seems!

Period front door

Doors were meant to be really simple back in the day

They have not always been fancy! Back in the day, doors were just meant to be a plain slab of wood with a hinge inserted. They also were not particularly durable or have any special security features. Nothing less, nothing more than a simple block of wood. We’re glad some things have changed since then!

Traditional front doors.jpg

The Oldest Door in Europe

The oldest door in all of Europe was discovered by archaeologists during the excavation of a site in Zurich. This door has been estimated to be around 5,100 years old, and has been dated by analyzing the tree rings of the its wood.

London door


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Stained Glass vs Leaded Lights: A Guide

If you’ve ever come across the terms ‘stained glass’ and ‘leaded light’ before and wondered what the difference between the two is, we’re here to break it down for you. While the difference between the two is pretty subtle, it does exist.  While stained glass is glass that is often found in large buildings and church  and tends to be more ornate,  leaded light glass is usually found is houses and small properties and comprises small pieces of colored glass that is held together by lead strips to create a single pane of glass.

Period front door

The traditionally designed leaded lights are created through the incorporation of different textures and types of glass. The single pieces of glass are bonded together via lead. The joints are all subsequently soldered together to create the leaded-light. The leaded light is also made weatherproof by cementing. Leaded lights can be encapsulated inside double glazed units. As this design is more traditional, it is more popular in period buildings.


Stained glass, on the other hand, features hand painted pictures usually fired onto the glass. It is basically a more ornate form of the leaded light as it contrasts with the plain style of the leaded lights. Stained glass is often found on church windows. Do keep in mind, however, that leaded light and stained glass are often confused with each other as well as used interchangeably in domestic as well as commercial use.

Victorian front door

Leaded light happens to be very popular with Bespoke Front Door clients in part because of how aesthetically pleasing it is. It’s just too pretty! If you’re looking to install a Victorian front door with leaded lights in your property, keep a few important things in mind:

When it comes to this type of Edwardian front door, less is more! For the larger areas of glass, make sure you choose a combination of pale colors. This is because too much dark tones might lead you to lose valuable sunlight into your hallway as well as make your leaded light seem heavy. Also make sure to have a look at any present front doors with leaded light in your area or street in order to recreate these local designs in your own house. This can help you add a twinge of historic authenticity to the front door in your property. The existence of leaded lights in front doors in London is often consistent within areas an can in fact be used to date buildings just based on the texture of the leaded lights.


Bespoke Front Door offers the most stunning leaded glass panels. It provides a complete service from the initial design consultation all the way to the completion of the front door. We deal in contemporary as well as traditional designs and our doors are available in custom in order to be personalized according to your choice of texture and color. Install a leaded lights door to your entrance, and add some grace and elegance to your property!

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Bespoke Front Door – the best quality services.

A high quality and well designed period front door does a lot to boost the curb appeal as well as the appearance of your house. One of its other primary features is also that it keeps you and family secure.  The best front doors are ones that are built with an almost poetic level of design but also fulfill all their functionalities smoothly and efficiently.  Whether you are going for a fancy design or just looking for a plain or sturdy door – the front door of your house will be the initial introduction to anyone passing by or entering your house and also leave a long lasting impression on anyone entering your house.

Victorian front doors


Whether you are replacing an old door or moving into a new home, Bespoke Front Door will facilitate with the highest quality front doors.  We offer manufacturing, design and installation services within London area.  We believe that building high quality door is a lot like cooking a delicious meal. Just add in the right ingredients with the right ratios, add a little bit of love and attention – and voila! You have the perfect results.  Too often, though, the functionality of the door is overlooked to the dismay of homeowners.

peirod front doors

The primary concern to most clients is that the door must be constructed well as well as designed beautifully with intelligence and skill. Everything form the look to the feel to down to the smell is an essential factor of the house and important in the overall make of the door. The door must be beautiful and indestructible at the same time! Bespoke Front Door will facilitate with just the ideal London front door that is made with a perfect balance between design and functionality. Our services consist of the following

  • Design consultation
  • Professional installation
  • Survey
  • Refurbishment of existing
  • Bespoke manufacture
  • door frames
  • Etched/ sandblasted glass
  • Installation of new door
  • Stained glass frames
  • Unique painting
  • Highest level of quality
  • finishing process


A pair of Edwardian front doors in north London


All of our Victorian front doors are made using the high quality and highly durable Accoya timber. Accoya timber’s flat, smooth grain provides the perfect canvass for the paint finishing process. It also comes with excellent paint retention properties. Accoya is a sustainable, long lasting high performance timber and is ideal for use in front doors. Accoya timber also consists of excellent environmental credentials

London doors.JPG


We are committed to protecting the environment and keeping emission to a low with our products. Our paints are environment friendly with minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Moreover, our products are all manufactured in the UK to ensure that the transport emissions are kept to a minimum.

We would be glad to make an appointment for our team to visit you at your property. Appointments are available during the daytime and evenings. It typically takes an hour or so to discuss the project with you and provide a quotation.

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The importance of good door design


There’s more to the door than meets the eye! A front door has way more of functionality in your house than just being a white or brown panel of wood that you use to shut your house off from the outside. There are so many factors involved in designing the perfect front door – and you want to make sure you’re carefully considering everything about the door as it has a significant influence on the overall look of your house.

Victorian front door

A door with a good design is the perfect addition to your house and also has several other long term and short term benefits. The benefits range from the obvious security benefits of a well designed door to the way it forms the first impression of your house and hence must be carefully selected to be a complementary addition to the house. If you’ve chosen to get a new Victorian front door for your house, keep in mind that the door is a significant long term investment for your house and hence must be purchased after proper research and consideration. As the door is basically the focal point of your house’s elevation, make sure to select the right design – which consists of everything from material, style, size and color.

London front door

Bespoke front door places a special focus on all aspects of the front door design. A well designed door must come with sound reduction, outstanding thermal insulation as well as a sufficient level of security. Moreover, the door must be manufactured to fit your exact requirements with precision and accuracy.

A well designed door assures that your house is completed with a distinct appearance while also shielding and protecting your house from outside intrusion.

When it comes to the actual style and design of the front door, there are many options available that can add tot eh aesthetic of the door and make it look beautiful. The idea is to make sure that the design of the door is in sync with the interior of the house and not clashing with the theme of the house in order to ensure that it is an aesthetically pleasing choice. Front Doors are available in everything from contemporary and modern to the more traditional designs. Moreover, they come with a host of options ranging from designer frames, glass paneling and luxury ironmongery . From plain to vibrant, simple to over-the-top; make sure you design the perfect London front door according to your specific house’s theme.

Edwardian front doors

With so many front door designs available in the market, make sure your selection of door takes into account all important aspects of the door. These primarily consist of the material and the security features of the door. As for the style, you have the choice of everything from sleek handles to glass panels. A well designed door creates a great impression of your house every time someone enters or even passes by your house!

Bespoke Front Door creates doors that are well designed and incredibly durable. We use state-of-the-art technology and put effort, intelligence and research into out period front door designs.

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The Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract

Large deposits and an unsatisfactory final product? Not anymore. Bespoke Front Door makes sure to facilitate its customers in all ways possible. We produce high standard Victorian front doors that will meet all your requirements. From design and quality all the way to the final product– Bespoke Front Door ensures that the London doors we make for you are truly reflective of your vision and are a beautiful new addition to your house. In fact, our clientage has been so consistently satisfied with our work that we’ve decided to take it a few notches over all your other front door options in the market. In order to ensure that our customers are able to get Period front doors made from us that are easy on their pockets and yet perfectly aligned with their requirements – we’ve launched the Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract with additional conditions that ensure full customer satisfaction!

Victorian front door
An Victorian front door with sandblasted glass

So, how does it work?

All our orders can be subdivided into two different kinds of work:


  • Front doors fitted to existing door frames:


This is the order undertaken when the door frame already exists and just has to be fitted with a new door. Orders of this type usually take no more than a day to complete. The Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract ensures that you only settle your bill once the order has be completed and you are satisfied with it, and then the order gets signed off and paid for at the end of the day.

London front doors


  • Front doors fitted with new door frames:


As the same suggests, this is case when the door frame and the front door both have to created and fitted. Orders of this type usually take three days to complete. The Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract ensures that you’re fully aware of the product as it’s being made. On the first day of the order completion, you can pay off 60% of the total bill as you review the progress on the product. The order continues for the next two days but your remaining 40% is only pending at the end of the third day as the order is completed, reviewed by you and then signed off.

Front door London


In an industry where it has become common for companies to just dupe customers into large deposits and then take too long to complete the order, the Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract ensures that our customers’ orders are fulfilled in a timely manner and also with the consent and awareness of the customer.

Period front door


We make sure that our customers are not just left powerless in the completion process of the order and then left with a final product that does not even meet their requirements! At Bespoke Front Door, we’re so fully confident on our work and our client’s satisfaction that we don’t ask for any kind of deposit as you place the order and the completion process begins. Try it out for yourself!

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The best two sets of front door locks in our offer.


Bespoke Front Door specializes in the manufacture, design and installation of bespoke made front doors. Apart from offering the stunning designs and an unparalleled quality in our London doors, we also make sure that the Victorian front doors we manufacture are supplied with the perfect door locks. The ideal door lock must be sturdy and strong enough to keep the burglars out, but also fit in with a modern design and enhance the usage of the door itself. Below are the two sets of door locks being offered at Bespoke Front Door:

Banham L2000 Rim Deadbolt

This model is packed with all the right safety features and is British standard 3621 and Insurance approved. It comes with self deadlocking and has been supplied with optional latch pull. The high security striker plate on the door frame as well as the saw resistant steel bolt ensures that the door is shielded from any unwanted advances. Moreover, it only allows inward opening for better safety. The latch hold back snub on the case can only be depressed once the bolt has been withdrawn by use of the key. Some of the other features are listed below:

  • Latch bolt is withdrawn by handle or key from inside, and by key from outside.
  • Suitable for doors 44 – 54 mm thick
  • Cylinder and key protected by patent
  • 6 pin drill resistant cylinder
  • Bolt can also be double thrown and deadlocked simultaneously by a full 180 degree turn of the key from either side.



Banham M2002 Mortice Deadlock

This is the ideal door lock for maximum security and is British standard 3621 and Insurance approved. It comes with security escutcheon plates to strengthen the period front door to its maximum.  The cylinder and Key are patent protected, and the Hook Bolt has been added to prevent the door from being spread. It can be operated via keys from both sides. Some of the other features are listed below:

  • M2002 Mortice deadlock
  • Suitable for doors 44 – 60 mm thick Double cylinder c/w 2 keys
  • 6 pin drill resistant cylinder
  • Exclusive coded key registration system by Banham
  • High security 254 mm striker plate on door frame
  • Saw resistant steel bolt


ERA Nightlatch & Deadlock (Keyed Alike)

ERA Nightlatch & Deadlock is compatible with a 44mm door. It complies with the British standard 3621:2004 and is Insurance approved. The deadbolt resists hacksawing and comes with four hardened steel rollers as well as hardened steel plates to resist drilling. Moreover, the integral cylinder pull is also drill resistant. It has been supplied with 3 keys – Both locks can be operated with just one key. Some of the other features are listed below

  • 6 pin drill resistant cylinder
  • Nightlatch and deadlock come with 20 mm bolt throw
  • Nightlatch automatically deadlocks and the bolt can be held in the withdrawn position
  • Bolt through heavy duty security roses protect the cylinder

Victorian front door


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