Our Favourite 3 Looks For A Festive Front Door

Christmas is the one time of year we can justify going the extra mile when it comes to decorations, and while the interior of your house may look like a winter wonderland, we mustn’t forget to show off our Christmas spirit on the outside too. Here are three of our favourite looks to get you started.

Christmas Wreaths

Of course, we’ve got to kickstart the list with the classic of all front door decorations – Christmas wreaths!

A Christmas wreath is the perfect way to greet visitors and guests to your front door, showcasing a mix of beautiful greenery, rustic pine cones and holiday-themed ribbons. Not to mention, it’s such an easy finishing touch, whether you plan to pick out a pre-decorated wreath you love and simply hang it on your door for an instant festive look, or if you’re feeling creative and want to purchase a plain wreath to decorate yourself.

Use hot glue to attach ribbons, bells, berries, pine cones, and other Christmas decorations to your wreath. Attach a wire loop around the top of the wreath, cover the wire with all the decorations, and hang the wreath with an over-door hanger. Easy!

London front doors


Christmas Garlands

Like Christmas wreaths, garlands are also a popular choice to decorate your home exteriors this winter. It’s so easy to dress up an evergreen garland for your Victorian front door, creating a timeless and classic Christmas-y look. And not only that, artificial garlands are affordable and last in quality, so you don’t have to constantly buy new decorations as each Christmas quickly rolls around.

Why not place your garlands around the frame of your door to create a festive-themed entrance to your home? You can then decorate as you wish, attaching red ball ornaments and ribbons to the garlands, or classic pine cones and holly berries. And, if you’re wanting to go all out, spray from fake snow or glitter to create the ultimate dazzle!

Victorian front door


Fairy Lights

We’re sure at this time of year, you’re not lacking in the fairy light department, but why not switch it around and bring the lights outside?

As a quirky alternative to the traditional Christmas wreaths and garlands, a string of weather-proof fairy lights around your door frame with capture attention and sparkle in the cold and dark winter evenings.

Not only do they look beautiful, you can save a pretty penny by purchasing battery-operated lights to keep the electricity bills to a minimum. Not to mention, there isn’t any need for pesky wiring to be threaded through your door frame or windows. You could even wrap them in your Christmas wreaths and garlands to combine a traditional and contemporary look!

period front door


Whatever your tastes, Christmas is the perfect time to experiment and get creative. Treat yourself to something new to get your Christmas kickstarted, and above all else, make sure to make it a Christmas to remember. Happy Holidays to you all!

5 Reasons to Replace Your Door This Winter

After a long day at the office, we rush through the door, kick our boots off, remove the woollies, and we cosy up to enjoy the remainder of our evening. Having just passed through, the door is the last thing on our mind, and we often find ourselves pushing these jobs aside for another time – especially with the busy festive period!

What you might not know, however, is that the winter period is the perfect time to think about your home exteriors. Here are five reasons to replace your Victorian front door this wintertime.

London front doors

1. Warmer Homes

If your new London front door project is long overdue, don’t put it off any longer. A new front door could be key to keeping your house warm and toasty through the winter months.

No matter how powerful your heater may be, or the size of your roaring fire, an old door with bad insulation will let all the cold air creep inside your house. Not to mention, decent insulation could keep those heating bills at bay!

2. A Better Fit

Even though old doors could be the root of poor insulation, the same situation could occur with a brand new door – especially if you installed it over the summer. Did you know, during high temperatures, the framework of your entire house can expand? This means, once the temperate drops and your house constricts, you may find gaps around the framework of your door, resulting in cold draughts and a hefty gas bill!

Victorian front door

3. Extra Security

Unfortunately, over the busy Christmas period, break-ins and burglaries are more common. In fact, last year Halifax reported a 35% increase in claims for forced burglaries during the darker months, compared with summertime figures. And not only that, it has been reported that a massive 74% of burglars actually enter the home via the front door.

This is usually due to the darker nights, increased motive with expensive Christmas gifts, or even for shelter from the cold.

period front doors

But, with a strong and sturdy new front door, it can act as a deterrent for intruders, preventing the likelihood of a break-in. There’s no better price to pay for the extra security for your home, and that all-needed peace of mind.

4. Cost-Effective

Another great advantage of winter door replacement is the likelihood of a good bargain! There is less demand for door installations over the winter period, putting you on a shorter waiting list with the probability of a decent discount. From Black Friday sales to holiday promotions, if you’re working from a budget, it could be the perfect time to tick this project off your list.

5. Visual Appeal

As well as being one less thing to do during the summer months, a winter front door installation also has its practicality and visual appeal. It’s the one time of the year you go all-out with exterior decor, whether it’s Christmas wreaths or hanging fairy lights.

london doors

Wouldn’t you agree that a brand new door to match would be the ultimate finishing touch to your outdoor winter wonderland?

It’s the perfect time to get creative, and make a smart investment for your home. Plus, doing so now will mean your home will look great in time for summer!

The Fusion of Old and New

Victorian Front Doors

Grandiosity was the theme of the 19th century, with the Victorian era making history in the innovation of British architecture. It’s safe to say that a statement was made in terms of style, layout and practical features of Victorian properties, all being instantly recognisable today. And, still celebrated of course – even by modern homeowners with the most contemporary of styles.

Technically, a property is only recognised as Victorian if it was built between the late 1830s to the early 1900s. Despite this, you still the classic and timeless design of Victorian-inspired homes up and down the country. From rich Victorian brickwork, gables, bay windows and most of all, Victorian front doors. In fact, it’s still one of the most common front door styles used today.

Victorian front door.jpg

Typically, a Victorian door features ornate two-by-two panelling, elaborately carved with an imposing architrave. They also feature brass work and brightly coloured glass panels. This allowed plenty of light into those long narrow hallways but also offered a sense of privacy too.

It’s easy to see that not only are Victorian-era doors beautiful, but they also carry the bonus of modern security and stability, having been constructed from solid hardwood. This makes for a long-lasting and cost-effective choice in the long run, suggesting Victorian doors are the perfect ratio of style and price.

You’ll often find interior designers and general home-owners similarly turning to Edwardian style doors as opposed to Victorian. Although inspired by characteristics of panels and glasswork, Edwardian style doors made their debut a little later, flaunting six panels in total with an extra two at the top, usually with glass installed. Although slightly different in style, both eras are robust and sturdy in appearance, best suited for those looking to give their homes a timeless impression.

London door.jpg

Today, you find homeowners turning to Victorian or Edwardian doors to maintain their property’s traditional aesthetic, but you also find modern homeowners jumping on the bandwagon too. You may not think it but the style looks just as wonderful complementing contemporary homes, especially for homeowners looking to add a touch of classic style and elegance to their home exterior. It’s a stunning trend in which the old is fused with new.

With antique and vintage styles being very much in vogue, it’s an easy and popular choice to take on such a classic and timeless look, whether you’re looking to restore your period property or update the overall style of your home.

Victorian door.jpg

Although the style remains very much the same, modern-day trends are paving the way for a more bright and bold era. Did you know the 19th century looks amazing in colour? Popular choices include vibrant primary colours of red, blue and yellow.

It’s mind-blowing to see how a coat of paint can give a piece of history a new lease on life. And, when you think of the little effort involved, it really is a no-brainer.

Shop our range of bespoke doors, inspired by the Victorian/Edwardian era.

The Top 5 Front Door Colour Trends of 2019

It’s usually encouraged to look beyond the external; it’s what inside that really counts, right? Yet, when it comes to home aesthetics, experts say it’s all about first impressions.

A stylish bespoke front door has the power to transform the overall look and feel of the front of your house, whilst immediately putting you in a good mood as soon as you get home.

One of the biggest factors in this is colour, and with the end of the year quickly approaching, we thought we’d revisit some of the most popular trending colours for front doors in 2019, and take a look at possible trends to expect in 2020.

1. Bright Yellow

Bright and bold colours on the London front doors were a major player over the summer months, adding pizzazz and vibrancy to your home’s exterior. Yellow, in particular, was a popular choice, and it’s easy to see why. The colour creates a warm and sunny look, greeting guests in a cheery fashion. And even though a bold yellow may not be a go-to choice for most, it can create a truly elegant look when used well. Think vivid pastel yellows to accompany white trims, or muted down tones to complement darker trims.

victorian front doors

2. Sky Blue

From rich cobalt blues to more pastel tones, blue has always been a popular colour for homeowners trying to move away from traditional blacks, whites and greys. Whilst vivid royal blues have a tendency to be a timeless colour choice throughout any season, we have come to love this sky blue tone, creating a brand new form of livelihood whilst maintaining a calm and collected vibe.

London doors

3. Classic Hardwood

It would be wrong to overlook the classics, that being traditional hardwood finishes. A hardwood door brings natural warmth to your home’s exterior, creating that much-loved feeling of home-sweet-home. Not to mention, it suits any exterior paints and can’t be mismatched throughout the changing seasons.

front door in London

4. Natural Tones

The love for more natural and subtle colour choices hasn’t got anywhere. Browns, blacks, greys and soft washed-out whites are still a massive trend after this year, especially when complemented with some greenery on the doorstep to really bring them alive. It’s the perfect choice if you’re opting for a more sophisticated and elegant look, and of course an easy choice for any colour palette.

Victrorian door

5. Christmas Red

As you’d imagine, a red Victorian front door is a massive hit if you’re looking to celebrate the festivities in style, especially when decorated with Christmas essentials like holly leaves or a wreath. But don’t be fooled, this colour makes any door a real show-stopper no matter the time of year, symbolising hospitality and a warm welcome!

period front door

It’s easy to see that 2019 oversaw a mixture of style and character when it came to enhancing that curb appeal, and apparently, it’s expected to be no different in 2020.

As we venture into next year, many creative homeowners are turning to natural shades of sage greens, olive and coral tones to complement their home exteriors – and with the unique and quirky results, it’s easy to see why.

edwardian front door

The Parts of Your House You Definitely Want to Check After This Winter

The winters and snow are not fans of your house. Both of them can do some serious damage to your house. Harsh winters can affect all kinds of buildings apart from humans and animals. The cold wind is a source of precipitation which can cause water sources to freeze, and put a strain on your house. As unforgiving as winters are, they can bring a world of trouble for you when they finally end.

There are several problems caused by winters, mainly to the foundation of the house, roofs, etc.

Here are some parts of your house that may be potentially damaged by the cold and should definitely be checked out.

The Foundation

Bespoke front door

The foundation of the house is the most important part of the house because it is what your house rests on. A strong foundation means a strong house. However, the cold breeze of winter can cause some serious damage to foundations which could ultimately turn your house into a hazard.

Winters can freeze the soil under your house, making it extremely hard instead of soft and supportive. This freezing of soil can cause irreparable damage to the foundation of your house if left unattended. Hairline fractures in the concrete can develop into cracks, causing structural issues which could next affect the walls of the house

Therefore, it is best to hire a professional to check for frost heave, and if found, attend to it timely.

The Pipes

period front door

The piping of your house is also an integral part that needs to be regularly checked, especially during and after winters.

Low temperatures can cause water to freeze quickly, especially drainage systems. When this happens, the incoming flow of water increases in pressure and puts a strain on the pipes. This additional pressure and force significantly increase the chances of the bursting of pipes. What’s more, the pipes themselves can freeze up or break due to the cold. Hence, it is a must to check the whole discharge system for any damage at the hands of winter.

Front doors

Bespoke Front Doors

All kinds of doors, be it interior or exterior, are damaged by winter. However, the front doors bear the brunt of the harsh winters, especially in London.

London front doors bear the brunt of nature’s harshest breeze and cold. If not protected, the cold winds or moisture-laden fog can cause period front doors to contract as well as crack. What’s more, Victorian front doors can absorb rain and precipitation and be damaged internally which is why your front doors need the proper protection to handle everything nature throws at you.

The Roof

Roofs face a greater threat than front doors during the winter season. They face the harshest challenges in the form of wind, rain and the cold. The harsh winters can do a lot of damage, cause cracks as well as weaken the structure of the house as well as absorb drizzle and precipitation. Hence, it is important to protect your ceilings to the utmost.

Some Simple Ways of Protecting Your Front Door from Extreme Weather

Your house’s exterior has to face everything that the environment can throw at it. Whereas walls and roofs have sufficient protection due the nature of their construction, it’s the front door that has to deal with the worst, and mostly without protection.

Period Front Door

You might already know multiple ways of protecting your London front door from the murky weather. Expensive paints and good wood treatments are useful without a doubt. However, both these can make for a big dent in your bank account, while not providing enough protection in front of extreme weather. Instead, some simpler methods might just prove to be more effective.

Some of these alternative yet simple methods include:

Installing a Porch in Front of the Door

A porch makes for a very pretty addition to house. More than that, it’s also effective. First of all, the porch can be quite helpful for providing shade. The overhang of a porch protects everything beneath it from sunlight and rain, while also giving you a great place to sit beneath and relax.

While you may not bask in the shade of the porch every day, your Victorian front door will. It gets the protection it needs from the harmful UV rays and the moisture that’s so common here in London.

London front door

After all, sunlight is quite harmful for front doors. It discolours paint, which makes it weaken and sustain damage. Once the paint has been removed due to the damage, the wood beneath is exposed to heat, the UV rays, and moisture that could seep into it.

Hence, a porch provides effective protection to your front door. It might not be the first choice when it comes to considering protection for the door, but it is one of the most effective options. Its shade is going to keep your London front door from facing both sunlight and rain. It’s simple and effective protection.

A Storm Door

Another simple method of providing extra protection to your bespoke front door is through a storm door. You do not need to coat the door with multiple layers of paint or treatments. Just get another door that sits in front of your London front door; a storm door.

A storm door helps you keep your bespoke front door from having to face the extreme weather. Instead, the storm door faces them all on its own. Whether its strong winds, rain, sunlight, or anything else, the storm door takes it all. While it may not offer complete protection, the amount it does is considerable.

Edwardian doors

Choose a Lighter Colour

Your front door is regularly absorbing heat from the environment. The heat makes it expand, and this holds true for both wood and steal. The expansion can cause major problems. It can cause the paint to crack and the wood to splinter. Hence, people often use expensive wood treatments on their front doors. Instead of that, a simpler approach would be to paint the front door in lighter colours. Light colours absorb less sunlight and less heat, providing automatic protection.

Aspects of Front Door Security: Part 1

The security of a home is highly dependent on the front door. After all, it is the front door that acts as the point of entry and exit. Someone looking to break into your property is initially going to take the front door into consideration. If they find it to be weak, they are bound to take advantage of its weakness and make sure that they get what they want. Hence, your front door is a measure of security that you have to consider at all times. Your front door needs to be as secure as possible. To understand its importance, the security of a front door can be considered to be just as good as the weakest link in the door.

victorian door
A mortice deadlock should be fitted at knee-height

You might have a brand new bespoke front door developed by the sturdiest material protecting your home, but having a break-in is still quite possible. A bespoke front door that’s fitted with weak or flimsy locks is just as good as a door without them. No matter how hard the wood or how well-fitted the front door may be, all it is going to take is a little force. A single big kick and the lock’s fixing screws will very well give in to the force and break, leaving your entire house unprotected.

To help understand the importance of a strong lock, let’s consider another scenario. Rather than going for a sturdy Accoya wood door, you might like something more antique, but a big, strong lock will provide you with the protection you crave. Similarly, you could have a modern sturdy door fitted inside a Victorian door frame, but your door still will not go with a strong lock. Hence, no matter what kind of door you get and how you fit it, the lock makes a huge difference, one that you cannot ignore.

Victorian four panel door
Nothing lasts forever! A Victorian front door in St. Leonards- on- Sea

However, you can’t ignore the quality of the door you get either. You might have the best lock in the business, but an old and dilapidated door will simply fall to pieces if struck with great force. Therefore, your door needs to be developed with the right material and the correct amount of care. If you go for something old, or something that has weakened, you will end up having your property’s security breached and its integrity compromised. Hence, when it comes to your home’s protection, each aspect needs to be given the right amount of care it deserves.

Each part of your front door needs to be robust, strong, and trustworthy for you to get the very best out of it. If there’s a single weak link in the chain, it will be your security that is compromised. Hence, making sure that each part does its job well is what you need to take care of when having your front door designed and built. If you relax in any single part, what you will get is a compromised door that can cause you problems.