How to choose the right front door for your house


The Front Door to your house says a lot about who lives inside a swell as determines the value of your house. Choosing a front door that is in accordance with your overall aesthetic for your house is essential to ensuring that your house looks stylistically consistent. The door must be aesthetically pleasing and fit the look of your house – there are also many other factors involved in choosing the ideal Victorian front door for your house. We break down the four most important aspects of choosing the perfect front door:


Edwardian front doors.JPG


The first step to this process is obviously to figure out your budget – how much you’re willing to spend and what exactly you’re looking for in terms of quality. You want to make sure to make the right budgeting choices from the beginning in order to avoid additional costs in reordering or modifying.  Your budget must be decided with the investment value of the front door factored in. London doors are a highly significant part of a house and can help increase the monetary value of property. Your budgeting on the front door must hence reflect the significance of this choice.

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The material that has been used to make your door is also an essential aspect of your choice. The material also influences the price of the door and hence must be decided on carefully. If you’re looking for a strong door, you’ll be good with material choices of steel, wood, fiberglass or glass. If you’re looking to add more of an aesthetic quality to your door, you’ll have to pay additional costs to get decorative glass or patterned doors that come with caming, bevels or textures. Make sure the material you are choosing is durable and resistant to corrosion.

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The size of your door is another important part of the period front door choice and will impact the overall cost of the door. The decision here will obviously be based on the dimensions of your entryway. Make sure to factor in any decorative panels or elements into the size of the door. Based on the size of your entryway, you might require a door is that wider, thicker or taller than average. If you’re not exactly sure of how to determine and calculate the dimensions of the front door, make sure to get guidance from a professional before making the final choice.

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The design of the door might just be the most important aspect of the door in your mind. And rightfully so. The front door adds curb appeal to your house and reflects on the personality of your house and your family. If you want simple look to the door, you can go for a classic wood paneled door, if you’re looking for a more artistic touch, you include more glass or decorative elements to the door. Suit a door that isn’t clashing with the look of your house nut instead complements and beautifies it even more.


Five reasons why we use Accoya wood.

Accoya wood is an acetylated wood that serves a high performance purpose and is a more environment friendly choice. It originates through Radiata Pine, harvested and then undergoes an acetylation process that is non-toxic to the environment and helps modify the wood to its core. The additional benefits of Accoya wood are that it is more beautiful durable, and dimensionally stable.  Its quality and beautify makes it better than any other hardwood. Accoya Wood is ideal for demanding uses such as in doors, windows because these applications require wood that has a high tolerant but is also available throughout the year. Moreover, Accoya wood does not twist, warp, split or bow- hence making it ideal for decking.  It’s also ideal for use in siding and cladding due to its high performance, sustainability, and its natural beauty. We at Bespoke Front Door manufacture our period front doors using Accoya Wood.

Front door London.JPG

The following are 5 reasons why we use Accoya Wood what make our front door better to others:


Accoya is often used in internal and external applications that also allow for dampness. Since water can drastically increase the deterioration and hence corrode several kinds of metals, Accoya must be used with high quality brass fixings or stainless steel that can stop corrosion and maximize durability. Therefore, make sure you are carefully selecting the kind of fixing you will be using with the Accoya material.


London door.JPG


The exceptional light weight qualities of Accoya wood make it extremely conductive to usage in structural properties as well as for external applications like doors and windows. The average weight of Accoya is 512kg/m3.


This is the property of Accoya that makes it much superior to all other tropical hardwood options. This is In part due to the acetylation process at it eradicates the wood’s property of absorbing water, hence making it much more durable. It also helps turn the wood into indigestive and more stable. The good thing about acetylation is that is uses no toxic or harmful chemicals and hence is friendly to the environment. The acetylation process involves the usage of diluted vinegar or acetic acid which is used to alter the timber.

Period front doors.JPG


Accoya Wood is made through the usage of Radiata Pine – which is a plantation often grown in New Zealand. Radiata Pine grows quickly and also grows throughout the year – hence making it readily available at all times and also much more accessible. New timber is always ready and at hand, s opposed to many other hardwoods that have long periods of not being available. We at Bespoke Front Door only supply certified timber that is harvested legally.

Beauty and Environment-Friendliness

Accoya Wood has a natural beauty that has made it an ideal choice for siding, Victorian front doors and windows. Moreover, it is preventing the overusage of the precious hardwood resources in the world and is guaranteed to last for more than 50 years. It also does not require any process involving carbon emissions and hence is not harmful to the environment.


The Three Biggest Doors In The World

Doors are the gateway to our own homes and our own little world. While you might have always taken doors for granted and never really looked into how intriguing they can be, doors are actually a fascinating concept if you really go deep into it. Their history, their evolution over time, the importance with which they have been treated over the centuries – the way they were considered a status symbol during the Period Era’s – the list is endless when it comes to period front doors. We at Bespoke Front Door love digging into the most interesting and informative aspects of doors and their creation. In this post, we cover a very interesting yet understated topic – the biggest doors in the world! The following is a list and description of the 3 biggest and most massive gates and doors, as well as other entryways, in the world – including what they’re used for and where they are located.

NASA Assembly Building

These doors are located in the NASA Assembly Building in the United States. They’re located at the region in NASA where space shuttles are built. Their height? 456 feet! To put it clearly, this is the same height is three times the height of Niagara Falls, and also the same as the height of the world’s biggest roller coaster! Their purpose? Space Shuttles!


Space shuttles are huge, and inevitably require huge doors in order to fit in. These doors are so huge that it takes almost an hour just to fully open and close them. The workers at NASA must be having a field day with these everyday!

Vault doors

Fort Knox Vault Doors are located at Fort Knox in the United States and weight around 250 tonnes. If you think that huge a size is unjustified, you’re to be proved wrong. These doors serve in a gold bullion storage. Fort Knox has been known to store around 5000 tonnes of gold bullion. This would translate to more than 135 BILLION pounds (Did we even know that much money could exist in one place?).

Period front door

So, now it’s only fair that any door that is serving the sacred purpose of guarding billions of pounds must be just as strong and huge as the Fort Knox Vault Doors. That’s not all. Fort Knox Vaults are so well guarded that not a single person at Fort Knox knows the whole combination to enter the vault doors. It takes a host of contractors and employees to piece together small combination into the whole key and then open the vault.

Antwerp door

Antwerp Door is located at the Antwerp House in Belgium. These are glass front doors that are 20 feet tall. They serve in a private residence and are the pathway to a private garden. They weigh more than 4 tonnes.


These doors are taller than a tree and huge in size, yet also built with a pivoting system that makes them incredibly light weight and easy to open. Their huge weight and size is not stopping them from being efficient and practical. All we can say is kudos to the engineers behind this!


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How Your House’s Value Is Influenced by Your Front Door


Consider spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on your house’s interior, its architecture and its elevation – but missing out on perhaps the most visible and prominent feature of your house – the front door!


Victorian front door

Period front doors have historically been considered one of the most prominent features of a house, and have always been placed special value on. In the Period Eras, front doors were considered extremely important and were perceived as an indication of the wealth of the house’s occupants. They were equivalent to a status symbol and meant to serve a very important purpose in giving a first impression to anyone passing by or entering the house. The doors would be grained or painted to give an expensive look, the door frame would come with an architrave in order to sync with the door. The doors would also be elaborately carved and paneled. Regardless of the interior or style of the house, the Victorian door was an extremely important feature of any house in the Victorian Era. Things haven’t changed all that much in the 21st Century, as front doors continue to be one of the most primary features of every house.

Victorian doors.JPG

We’ve all heard the maxim. First impression is the last impression. Front doors are the case in point. While they may not be the last impression someone would have of your house, (hey, let’s give some credit to your interior too!) they’re certainly a long lasting impression to anyone who is lucky enough to enter your beautiful home.


Period front door

Front doors don’t just serve an aesthetic purpose. They’re also meant to elicit a sense of security. As the front door to your house is allowing people to enter in, it should also be a warning to stay away if uninvited! The ideal front door projects a sense of solidity and looks strong enough to deter the intruders and burglars. In contrast, a worn-out and flimsy door that looks old and unsafe is just the invitation a thief would need to enter your house and rob you off your items. Moreover, front doors are also meant to give protection from the weather. In short, front doors must contribute to a sense of security (both perceived and real) and yet manage to look quaint, warm and inviting.

London doors.JPG

If you’re going through this post and suddenly wondering if the ideal front door is rocket science, we’re here to prove you wrong! At Bespoke Front Door, we try to emulate just the Victorian Era grandeur and grace in making front doors for your house. We have a special penchant for British period style and are committed to preserving our architectural heritage. We design, produce and install Victorian doors in your homes. We are committed to making sure that our clients are satisfied with the doors we design and produce for them, and that our Victorian front doors are strong, beautiful and authentic to their historical sources.

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Aspects of front door security, part 2

We spoke with two people who know a bit about London doors and their security; a front door fitter and a locksmith. We asked them if they had any tips. Here is some of what they had to say:

“Are Banham locks any good? Well, I haven’t seen a break in yet through a door with Banham locks” – Conclusion? Banham locks are an effective deterrent.

Victorian front door
A Victorian front door with Banham locks


“Never open your door on a chain. In doing so you disengage all of your locks and rely on a couple of screws that anchor the chain. Burglars can then kick the door to gain entry.” – Tip: use your chain as extra security last thing at night, or to keep toddlers from opening a door on to a busy street.

“Always double lock. It is possible, by pressing the lower part of a door with your foot, to find out if a deadlock is engaged. I can usually get in through a front door when it is only locked on the nightlatch by using a stick I find in the street, no tools required! I just put it through through the letterbox and push the nightlatch (Yale) handle. Hey presto!” – Therefore, fit a security hood behind the letterbox to prevent an opportunist doing the same. Some Victorian front doors and also 1930s front doors have their nightlatch near to the letterbox, this would be particularly useful for them.

Victorian front door
A Victorian four panel door

“Three locks may seem over the top, but they are a better deterrent than two” – a third lock isn’t a huge expense, if you were a burglar would you choose the door with two locks or the door with three? Even an old Victorian door would seem less of a target with an extra deadlock.




Aspects of front door security, part 1

The security of a front door should be thought of like a chain; it is only as good as its weakest link.

Mortice lock
A mortice deadlock should be fitted at knee-height

If you have a brand new, handmade, bespoke front door fitted with flimsy locks, then clearly it’s security is limited by its locks. One big kick, the lock’s fixing screws may give and in you go.

The same high quality front door, fitted with high quality locks but hung in an old, repaired Victorian front door frame, will fail because the lock keeps will break out of the frame when it is attacked.

A flimsy, cheap door in a new, hardwood door frame, fitted with great locks, may simply fall to pieces when a burglar puts his size 9s through it.

Victorian four panel door
Nothing lasts forever! A Victorian front door in St. Leonards- on- Sea

However, a new, strong door, with excellent locks, fitted to a new hardwood door frame is a very different matter, which may result in the burglar visiting A&E with a broken foot, rather than his pals in the pub with his stolen loot.


Front Door; your first impression.

I am sure you must have also heard the popular saying that the first impression matters a lot.  When people come to your home for the first time, what do you think they see first –the paint colour of the house, the landscape, or the architectural design? Whether you believe it or not, your front door is what they notice first and that’s what creates the first impression about your home. In London today, most Georgian and Victorian homeowners are paying more attention to their front doors as homes are being designed in such a way that the first attraction about the home is the front door.

Victorian doors

The importance of your Front door

Making a great first impression means you have to have a great front door as well. Don’t forget that is the first feature your guest sees when they visit your home.

Victorian front doors.JPG



It adds value to your home

You may be surprised to know that your period front door could add a really great value to the home when you are trying to sell the home. Since this is the first feature prospective buyers notice as they come for your home, having a great looking front door could make the other feature of the home more appealing. This could also work in the opposite as a bad front door could put buyers off. However, that doesn’t mean your Victorian door alone will sell your home, but it will certainly be a great plus. And even if it’s not your plan to sell your home anytime soon, a quality front door will forever be a piece adding value to your home when the time comes for you to sell. That, of course, will mean a higher asking price.

Period front doors.JPG

It gives a sense of security

Your front door does not only have the ability to invite people in by its appealing look, it also serves the purpose of keeping intruders away. The common point of entry into your home is the front door; both for unwanted intruders and honorable guests alike. However, if your front door looks old, worn-out, flimsy, and easy to breach, it may be a welcoming invitation to thieves. Whereas, a strong looking and a solid door, on the other hand, is a powerful deterrent and sends out that impression that your home is locked down and well protected.