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The Best Door Colours To Complement Brick Houses


When it comes to a British home’s exterior, the typical style is usually composed of brick, and it’s one of those looks that enhances deep-rooted character and a sense of history – especially in old houses. That’s why it’s so important, and difficult, to pick the perfect door colour to complement the aesthetic. We’ve put together our top tips to help you choose the right one for your home’s exterior.

With so many colours to choose from, deciding on a single shade for your front door can be a challenge. Follow these simple steps for choosing a bespoke front door colour that brings out the beauty in your brick house.


Top Tips

  1. Stay True To Classic Neutrals

While a bold and vivid paint colour is a great opportunity for artistic expression, and a chance to get creative, it’s often simpler to stick to a classic neutral palette that will stand the test of time. Opt for greys, browns and taupes to pair nicely with brick tones, and complement your home’s natural beauty and brickwork, rather than distracting from it. and enhance some serious curb appeal.

  1. Work With Nature

Even though you may be opting for a neutral door colour, you can use natural greenery to your advantage in order to create hues of colour. Deep greens, blues, and earthy browns all work a treat when it comes to door paint, and works well with the natural tones of the brick to tie it all together.

  1. Test Your Theories

If a few different colour variations have caught your eye, and you’re having a hard time deciding on a shade – take a walk. Make mental notes about the similar style and colour combinations used by neighbours and other streets in your area. And, once inspired, try out a few different colours before settling for one. We all know too well that a shade of paint on a mobile phone or computer screen doesn’t quite honour the way dry paint looks in natural sunlight. Experiment and test your theories against the brick before deciding on your next colour.


Our Recommendations

London front doors

  1. Colours for Red Brick

The good thing about red brick is that nearly every neutral door colour you could choose would compliment it beautifully. Typically though, dark and contrasting hues make a stunning choice. Whether it’s a deep hunter green, navy blue or black, when coupled with a lighter colour trim, it really pops from the red brick without overwhelming that classic British style. For more subtle tones, rich taupes and chocolate browns also work really well alongside the natural red tones of the brick.

london door

  1. Colours for Grey Brick

For both traditional and more modern builds across London, you’ll notice that grey brick can be a common variable. So, when it comes to door colour, it can be tricky to choose the right tone. Sure, darker or lighter greys will complement the brick well, but how much grey is too much grey? To avoid creating a wash-out of grey tones, aim for a subtle touch of colour to work alongside it, allowing the colour of the door to contrast with the natural tones of the brick. We recommend black, navy blues, olive greens, or for lovers of the more bold and vibrant, why not try turquoise or pastel pinks?

Victorian front door

  1. Colours for White Brick

Although less common than your red and grey brick tones, white brick also creeps up every now and again. And even though you could say ‘white works with anything’, it’s easy to create a washed-out look with the wrong shades. A jet black could be too much of a contrast, while bright vivid colours could be blinding to the eye. Having said that, white-washed brick facades have a multitude of attractive London front door options, but you should opt for muted colours. Think warm greys, pastel blues/greens, natural earthy browns etc.


Selecting a pleasing colour palette for brick homes can be tricky, but warm neutral colours, when coupled with the right trim options, can make for a calming entrance with character.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui translates to ‘Wind and Water’, and it is the art of studying both flow and energy within an environment – particularly home spaces. This historical Chinese art adheres to a system of laws or rules that enables you to harness spiritual energy known as ‘Chi’. The idea of Feng Shui brings about a balance and harmony between individuals and their surroundings, injecting happiness, peace and success into our lives.


Successful Feng Shui depends on the consideration of the placement of different objects, colours and light. Therefore, the right front door and layout of a doorway can be insanely impactful to set the tone and mood for your entire home.

Bespoke Victorian front door

Is there front door ‘energy’?

Being the first thing and the last thing you and your visitors experience at your home means first impressions are made here. This is where the majority of how energy flows and enters. Your front door must feel welcoming, full of personality, but also be practical for everyday use.


Step outside your door, analyse what feels inviting and what doesn’t. Make the necessary changes to make your entrance a warm and welcoming greeting for guests. Maybe it’s time for a repaint, or a spruce up with some potted plants or foliage?


Create good chi with some simple Feng Shui principles…

Bespoke Edwardian front door


  1. Clear the Clutter


Both your front porch and hallway should be much more than just an in-between space. It’s the first and last area you and your guests see when visiting your home. Unclutter by removing items that don’t belong there. Are there shoes scattered around the door? Coats slung over stair railings? Combat the clutter by creating a balance between style and practicality, utilise unused space and add simple built-in cupboards to place coats and shoes inside, clearing areas like this stops energy stagnating. It’s important to have a clear path through to your door to allow an unobstructed flow into your home.


  1. Connect with Nature


Beautifully potted shrubs and zen planting instantly draw in natural energy, allowing your home to feel integrated with nature. Opt for money plants, palms, bamboo or vibrant blooms that will create a sense of peace and bliss.

london front door

  1. The Door


Consider the way your door opens. Doors that open inwards promote good chi as opposed to doors that open outwards. It invites positive energy in rather than pushing it out. It also makes guests feel more welcomed into your home.


As well as the look of the door itself, consider a door that fits with the period of your property – taking into consideration the dimensions, strength and usability. The colour and quality of your bespoke front door also attracts positive energy and should work in harmony with its surroundings. Browns and greens are typically the colour of nature and money while red is the colour of prosperity.

London door

  1. Light


Light is a major player when it comes to the manifestation of energy. If you’re limited with light in your hallway, you should seriously consider including glass panelling like fanlights or sidelights with your bespoke front door design.


When it comes to design, make use of mirrors by allowing them to bounce the natural light and create the feeling of more open enlarged areas.

Security is Everything

Your home is your safe place, and so security is everything. Therefore, while you want your front door to look good, it’s also vital to ensure your home is secure enough to keep intruders out.


As the nights darken, burglaries are undoubtedly at their highest, and so it’s the perfect time to invest in more door security. Whether it’s new state-of-the-art locks or some porch lighting, we can provide our best advice for peace of mind for all year round.




  1. What is your door made of?

You can have a locking system as tough as Fort Knox, but if your door isn’t made of quality hardwood, or is old and rotting in places, it will still be relatively easy for intruders to break in.

bespoke victorian front door

Our front doors are made from Accoya® – a natural and sustainable timber that is known for its impeccable strength and durability. It’s the perfect choice for a front door. Also, if your bespoke front door consists of glazing or fanlights, you should consider the strength. You can opt for internal kick plates to be built in to ensure potential burglars have a hard time kicking in the panels.

  1. Are your windows secure?

Ensure all of your windows are locked at night, or if you leave the house. This seems like common sense, but it’s incredibly common to leave a window open at night during hot summer months when cooler air is much to be desired. This creates an easy opportunity for intruders. Also, ensure you leave keys in a place they aren’t on show through windows or doors. By making them easily accessible, you are providing potential burglars with an easy task.

bespoke period front door

  1. Are you easily alarmed?

The sight of a burglar alarm or CCTV will deter intruders before they even try to enter your home. In fact, opportunist crime can be significantly reduced if good security systems are in place, with the majority of intruders looking for an easy target. Don’t be that easy target! Install a quality alarm system that would alert yourself, or neighbours if you should not be at home.


  1. Let there be light

Not only can great lighting be a stylish quality to your front door, illuminating your front walkway on darker evenings, it’s also super practical for helping you find your keys in the dark – and also deterring criminals! If you’re looking for a cheaper option to high-quality CCTV or alarms, motion-detector lighting is a great way of alerting you of even the slightest movement outside and scaring away unwanted visitors.


bespoke edwardian front door

  1. State of the Art Locks

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want a decent locking system for your London front door. When it comes to something as basic and must-have as this, there is little point in cutting corners. Top of the range locks from manufacturers of the UK’s most cutting-edge systems incorporates many additional security options such as spy holes, door chains and bars.


At Bespoke Front Door, our expert designers will always advise you on the best one for you.

Determining the cost of a new front door

Are you looking to get a new front door and want an estimate? Unfortunately, there is no set rule to determine how much it will cost until you have determined the model, project, and mode of installation. Everyone has a budget, and it isn’t exactly peachy that you will have to mould the idea in your head according to said budget.

Though it is difficult to estimate the exact cost of the installation of a new door, certain factors will help you get to determine the cost of your door.

Victorian front doors

Factors contributing to calculating

an estimate

In this article, we will break down the ways that will allow you to make an estimate.

1. Installation

If you want your London front door to be installed perfectly, and professionally, hiring a professional service is the best way to go about it. Irrespective of how much the door itself costs itself, getting it professionally installed is integral, as it ensures the safety and performance of your door. The alternative means that you’re just burning money. However, professional installation doesn’t come cheap, and the specifics of your door also count towards the final price. The fancier your door is, that is the more arched tops, unusual shapes, and elaborate designs adorning your door, the more it is going to cost.

london door

2. Aesthetic appeal

Aesthetic appeal factor also helps in estimating the cost of your front door. The more aesthetic appeal you strive for, by that we mean glass and ornate hardware, the more it is going to cost you. The size and the extent of how elaborate the design is, for example, a double door, arched tops, or unusual shapes, all contribute to the ultimate cost.

If you are working on a tight budget, we advise you to tone down the elaborate designs because they play a significant determining factor.

3. Security and Hardware Features

There is paraphernalia of additional hardware and security features you can choose from to inundate your front door with. It is important to remember that these additional features are optional and don’t necessarily have to be embodied by your front door. However, they do play a significant part in the application of your front door.

You can choose highly advanced security systems, for example, motion sensors, a multi-point lock system, and a variety of others. These features ensure your safety from several points. However, they cost a pretty penny, depending on how advanced they are technologically and the installation costs. If you want top-notch security, these features are integral.

period doorLondon front door

4. Material

It is a fact that the material making up the door plays a significant part in the final cost. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the most important determining factor. You have a variety to choose from, fiberglass, wood, glass, steel, Accoya timber, wood and a multitude of others, each having its value. The more ornate the door is, the more it is going to cost you.

Silence is Golden

According to customs and specific case, doors should be closed as quietly as can be. An example is the case of communal buildings, the people living on the ground floor next to the entrance front door would probably dislike whenever the door will be banged shut. Hence, closing the door as silently as possible is a necessity in this case and many more as well. So what exactly can be done to ensure the required silence?

victorian front doors
A magnetic door lock

The initial step involves identifying which part of the door is making the sound. Usually, there are two different sources. It could either be the sound of wood banging into wood when the door hits the frame, or the sound of the lock filling in its place. Sometimes, there could even be a third noise coming from communal front doors. It’s the buzzing of locks in case the door is electronic. Hence, if you need a new door to be fit in, reducing the sound is necessary. Here are some of the things you can do to reduce it:

  1. Locks – replacing the regular communal door lock with a magnetic one helps eliminate the sound that arises when the lock hits its lock keep. It also removes the buzzing from electronic front doors. Most magnetic locks offer operations that are completely silent.
  2. Make sure to check the doorstops and replace them with new ones that offer more ease in closing. You need something that is a generous, soft draught excluder. This kind of doorstop eliminates the wood-on-wood impact sound and decreases sound immensely.
  3. Overhead door closer – installing an overhead door closer, that is fitted in with a brake, allows the door to shut silently no matter how hard it is moved. The door closer stops the swing of the door at a certain point and this small resistance makes the door lose its pace and shut more slowly. The door now moves slower for the final stretch of a few centimetres, which allows it to cushion against the frame and softly slide in to meet the magnetic lock anchors. Hence, doors banging against their frames will no longer be an issue.

How Secure Is Your Front Door?

When it comes to thievery, the people committing the crimes are far bolder than you’d think. A burglar is far more prone to coming in via the London front door rather than the window or the back door. Rather than an attempt to be nice, burglars know that coming in via the front door elicits less suspicion among onlookers and neighbours. While moving stuff through the back door might be cause for suspicion, moving stuff out the period front door is actually taken as something quite common.

Bespoke front door

Having your keys close to your letterbox is one of the major problems that you can make. But some people do try out other avenues to keep the key close-by to ensure easy access. Either way, the local Crime Prevention Officers will tell you that both methods are bound to be dangerous.

Just stand outside and peer into your letter box. The sight is bound to reveal practically everything inside the door. Furthermore, the space is enough for someone to glide in a stick or even a fishing rod to pick up the front door keys for an easy snag. And before you will even find out what happened, everything valuable inside your house will be gone.

Victorian front door

To counter this glaring letterbox problem, you can simply fit a strong cover-plate on the inside of your letterbox. This can help you with three things:

  • Stops anyone from looking inside to admire your possessions
  • Keeps any kind of rod outside, fishing or otherwise
  • Stops any kind of thin arm from going inside

Called a night latch, this method of protection is highly successful against burglars. However, along with this, it’s advised to have a good 5-level mortice deadlock as your support for the night latch. The efficiency and usability of the deadlock all depends on how you put it to use. A system such as making the last person to leave the house activating the deadlock in the morning, and the last person to sleep at night, is something that can be of good use.

period front door

To further increase the security of your home, the front door itself needs to be somewhat special. It has to be at least 44mm thick and should have locks that are fully backed up with hinge bolts. It’s a cheap solution that does work. The hinges give you another two locking points that subdue anyone trying to break in. Another great solution for beefing up your Victorian front door security is with the addition of a London Bar on the side of the locks and a Birmingham Bar on the side of the hinges. Coming in different colours and sizes, these items ensure that the force they take in is distributed all along the frame of the door.

Lastly, it’s obvious to not open your door for someone you don’t know. A spy-hole can help you find out who’s knocking on your door, with a high quality security chain also allowing you to peep while preventing intruders.

London front door

Here’s our Security Check List:

• Get a door that’s at least 44mm thick.
• Fit a five-lever mortice deadlock – and use it!
• At bedtime, bolt the door, top and bottom.
• Fit a rigid cover to the inside of your letter box.
• Strengthen your door frame with London and Birmingham Bars.

Aspects of front door security, part 2

We spoke with two people who know a bit about London doors and their security; a front door fitter and a locksmith. We asked them if they had any tips. Here is some of what they had to say:

“Are Banham locks any good? Well, I haven’t seen a break in yet through a door with Banham locks” – Conclusion? Banham locks are an effective deterrent.

Victorian front door
A Victorian front door with Banham locks


“Never open your door on a chain. In doing so you disengage all of your locks and rely on a couple of screws that anchor the chain. Burglars can then kick the door to gain entry.” – Tip: use your chain as extra security last thing at night, or to keep toddlers from opening a door on to a busy street.

“Always double lock. It is possible, by pressing the lower part of a door with your foot, to find out if a deadlock is engaged. I can usually get in through a front door when it is only locked on the nightlatch by using a stick I find in the street, no tools required! I just put it through through the letterbox and push the nightlatch (Yale) handle. Hey presto!” – Therefore, fit a security hood behind the letterbox to prevent an opportunist doing the same. Some Victorian front doors and also 1930s front doors have their nightlatch near to the letterbox, this would be particularly useful for them.

Victorian front door
A Victorian four panel door

“Three locks may seem over the top, but they are a better deterrent than two” – a third lock isn’t a huge expense, if you were a burglar would you choose the door with two locks or the door with three? Even an old Victorian door would seem less of a target with an extra deadlock.




Aspects of front door security, part 1

The security of a front door should be thought of like a chain; it is only as good as its weakest link.

Mortice lock
A mortice deadlock should be fitted at knee-height

If you have a brand new, handmade, bespoke front door fitted with flimsy locks, then clearly it’s security is limited by its locks. One big kick, the lock’s fixing screws may give and in you go.

The same high quality front door, fitted with high quality locks but hung in an old, repaired Victorian front door frame, will fail because the lock keeps will break out of the frame when it is attacked.

A flimsy, cheap door in a new, hardwood door frame, fitted with great locks, may simply fall to pieces when a burglar puts his size 9s through it.

Victorian four panel door
Nothing lasts forever! A Victorian front door in St. Leonards- on- Sea

However, a new, strong door, with excellent locks, fitted to a new hardwood door frame is a very different matter, which may result in the burglar visiting A&E with a broken foot, rather than his pals in the pub with his stolen loot.


Share your summer doors

Slanted Door
A Slanted Door in the Ground

With the Summer Holiday Season coming up fast we would love to see photos of period front doors you find on your travels. Just like the photo below of this charming entrance to a village house spotted somewhere in The Maghreb, we would love you to share them with us.

Village House Door
A Slanted Door in the Ground

Simply tweet us, tag us or email info@bespokefrontdoor.co.uk with any interesting, exotic or just frankly odd doors that you spot. Don’t forget to state the location of where you spotted it.

Super excited to see what you find, good luck!

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