2020, The Perfect Time To Go Back To Georgian?

To get the very best out of your Bespoke Front Door design project, it’s always a good idea to study various designs and consider both their strength and aesthetic style. This will help you decide the kind of look and style you’re going for. Taking a look at period front door designs is always a good option, since they represent the history of London front doors, while also offering great vintage designs.

One of the most popular front door designs with Londoners, both today and before, are the ones found in the Georgian era, from the early 1700s through to the late 1830s.

front door London

A Brief History

It was during the early 1700s that the Georgian Front Doors began to get popular in Dublin, Ireland. With Dublin rising to become one of the most prosperous and prominent cities in all of the British Empire, the residents of this region began to build beautiful and elegant be Georgian houses, and what followed was the development of the Early Georgian Front Door, which became widespread across the entirety of the UK, including London.

Typically, before this, London doors consisted of columns of panels that were vertically arranged – with divisions into smaller square panels being common as well. By the mid-17th century, fashionable London doors sported two vertical columns of panels which were often further divided into smaller square or rectangular panels.

Inspired by the ‘panel-look’ of the previous century, Georgian joiners and carpenters chose to build on the style and enhance it as they saw necessary. They would do so by combining the latest fashions with older and more traditional methods of design.

Bespoke front door

Georgian front doors were solid, heavy and consisted of six panels each. They often weighed around 30kg each. It was during this era that internal doors (panelled as well as carved) began to emerge as popular and were common especially in the bigger houses. In grander houses, the doors on the main floors were often double doors with ornate door handles and bell rings.


From the 18th Century, all the way to 2020 – the Early Georgian Front Door style still happens to be quite popular with house owners all across the UK, and it’s easy to see why. In fact, one of the most famous front doors in the UK – 10 Downing Street – happens to be an early Georgian front door, famous for its all-black attire. In black, Georgian doors are serious and sombre, and anyone walking through them will be met with a healthy dose of gravitas. This look synchronizes beautifully with the architecture and adds that extra layer of class and grandeur to the finishing of your house.

london door

It’s got to be said that Georgian front doors are absolute classics, offering a unique and sophisticated look for your home. Whether you plan to coat the panels in bright and quirky colours or stick to sporting traditional dark colours, the overall style and charm of a Georgian door will enhance your home with some serious curb appeal.

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