Our Recommended Annual Checks

No matter the material it’s made from, or the top-notch quality, it’s hard to protect your wooden front door for the everyday hardships of bad weather and general wear-and-tear. To get the most out of your Victorian door, and to ensure they’re well-maintained for years to come, we recommend going through a basic annual check. And could there be a better time, at the start of a brand new year? Especially after soldiering through the last few months of rain, sleet and snow!

Ask yourself…

Are there any leaks?

This may seem obvious, but often gets overlooked. It’s important to check your London front door for general weather tightness, the main factor being leaks. If your door is letting in water, you may notice some dampness around the frame of the door or the walls that surround it. If there is, it may be time to replace the weather seals to prevent mould growth. These issues only get worse, so act now before a brand new door may be needed.

London front door

Are there any gaps?
Similarly, you may find there are excess gaps surrounding your door or the frame itself. Again, if weather seals are wearing down, it may cause moisture to enter your home, as well as draughts and noise.

Is the weather bar still secure?

Beneath any front door, you’ll notice a strip of wood, or sometimes metal, across the bottom of your door. This provides protection against outdoor elements such as bad weather. It’s important to make sure this strip is still secure and sealed to avoid moisture getting into your home.

Any problems opening/closing?

You might have noticed your door is sticking or dragging as the years go on. This is common and happens with plenty of use as the screws work themselves loose. The first thing we’d recommend checking is the hinges.

Victorian front doors

It could simply be that the door has ‘dropped’ and it requires some slight adjustment. We recommend tightening the screws with a screwdriver to fix this. However, sometimes with excess moisture, doors can become warped. Wooden doors tend to ‘swell’ when wet, and ‘shrinks’ again when dry.

Any problems locking/unlocking?

Throughout years of use, you may have noticed that the lock action sometimes sticks. A sticky lock can sometimes be caused by the door itself. Try testing your keys when the door is open and again when it is closed and compare. If it works fine with the door open, the door could be the issue. If not, you may be in need of a new lock.

Bespoke front doors

Is it time for a re-finish?

Despite our doors being made from quality Accoya wood and lasting typically twice as long, even in the harshest weather environments, we still recommend keeping an eye of the general look and feel of your door. It’s important to look out for signs of cracking or peeling. If you spot some, it may be time for a refinish to protect your door from the effects of harsh winter weather.


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