Our Favourite 3 Looks For A Festive Front Door

Christmas is the one time of year we can justify going the extra mile when it comes to decorations, and while the interior of your house may look like a winter wonderland, we mustn’t forget to show off our Christmas spirit on the outside too. Here are three of our favourite looks to get you started.

Christmas Wreaths

Of course, we’ve got to kickstart the list with the classic of all front door decorations – Christmas wreaths!

A Christmas wreath is the perfect way to greet visitors and guests to your front door, showcasing a mix of beautiful greenery, rustic pine cones and holiday-themed ribbons. Not to mention, it’s such an easy finishing touch, whether you plan to pick out a pre-decorated wreath you love and simply hang it on your door for an instant festive look, or if you’re feeling creative and want to purchase a plain wreath to decorate yourself.

Use hot glue to attach ribbons, bells, berries, pine cones, and other Christmas decorations to your wreath. Attach a wire loop around the top of the wreath, cover the wire with all the decorations, and hang the wreath with an over-door hanger. Easy!

London front doors


Christmas Garlands

Like Christmas wreaths, garlands are also a popular choice to decorate your home exteriors this winter. It’s so easy to dress up an evergreen garland for your Victorian front door, creating a timeless and classic Christmas-y look. And not only that, artificial garlands are affordable and last in quality, so you don’t have to constantly buy new decorations as each Christmas quickly rolls around.

Why not place your garlands around the frame of your door to create a festive-themed entrance to your home? You can then decorate as you wish, attaching red ball ornaments and ribbons to the garlands, or classic pine cones and holly berries. And, if you’re wanting to go all out, spray from fake snow or glitter to create the ultimate dazzle!

Victorian front door


Fairy Lights

We’re sure at this time of year, you’re not lacking in the fairy light department, but why not switch it around and bring the lights outside?

As a quirky alternative to the traditional Christmas wreaths and garlands, a string of weather-proof fairy lights around your door frame with capture attention and sparkle in the cold and dark winter evenings.

Not only do they look beautiful, you can save a pretty penny by purchasing battery-operated lights to keep the electricity bills to a minimum. Not to mention, there isn’t any need for pesky wiring to be threaded through your door frame or windows. You could even wrap them in your Christmas wreaths and garlands to combine a traditional and contemporary look!

period front door


Whatever your tastes, Christmas is the perfect time to experiment and get creative. Treat yourself to something new to get your Christmas kickstarted, and above all else, make sure to make it a Christmas to remember. Happy Holidays to you all!


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