Some Simple Ways of Protecting Your Front Door from Extreme Weather

Your house’s exterior has to face everything that the environment can throw at it. Whereas walls and roofs have sufficient protection due the nature of their construction, it’s the front door that has to deal with the worst, and mostly without protection.

Period Front Door

You might already know multiple ways of protecting your London front door from the murky weather. Expensive paints and good wood treatments are useful without a doubt. However, both these can make for a big dent in your bank account, while not providing enough protection in front of extreme weather. Instead, some simpler methods might just prove to be more effective.

Some of these alternative yet simple methods include:

Installing a Porch in Front of the Door

A porch makes for a very pretty addition to house. More than that, it’s also effective. First of all, the porch can be quite helpful for providing shade. The overhang of a porch protects everything beneath it from sunlight and rain, while also giving you a great place to sit beneath and relax.

While you may not bask in the shade of the porch every day, your Victorian front door will. It gets the protection it needs from the harmful UV rays and the moisture that’s so common here in London.

London front door

After all, sunlight is quite harmful for front doors. It discolours paint, which makes it weaken and sustain damage. Once the paint has been removed due to the damage, the wood beneath is exposed to heat, the UV rays, and moisture that could seep into it.

Hence, a porch provides effective protection to your front door. It might not be the first choice when it comes to considering protection for the door, but it is one of the most effective options. Its shade is going to keep your London front door from facing both sunlight and rain. It’s simple and effective protection.

A Storm Door

Another simple method of providing extra protection to your bespoke front door is through a storm door. You do not need to coat the door with multiple layers of paint or treatments. Just get another door that sits in front of your London front door; a storm door.

A storm door helps you keep your bespoke front door from having to face the extreme weather. Instead, the storm door faces them all on its own. Whether its strong winds, rain, sunlight, or anything else, the storm door takes it all. While it may not offer complete protection, the amount it does is considerable.

Edwardian doors

Choose a Lighter Colour

Your front door is regularly absorbing heat from the environment. The heat makes it expand, and this holds true for both wood and steal. The expansion can cause major problems. It can cause the paint to crack and the wood to splinter. Hence, people often use expensive wood treatments on their front doors. Instead of that, a simpler approach would be to paint the front door in lighter colours. Light colours absorb less sunlight and less heat, providing automatic protection.

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