Aspects of Front Door Security: Part 1

The security of a home is highly dependent on the front door. After all, it is the front door that acts as the point of entry and exit. Someone looking to break into your property is initially going to take the front door into consideration. If they find it to be weak, they are bound to take advantage of its weakness and make sure that they get what they want. Hence, your front door is a measure of security that you have to consider at all times. Your front door needs to be as secure as possible. To understand its importance, the security of a front door can be considered to be just as good as the weakest link in the door.

victorian door
A mortice deadlock should be fitted at knee-height

You might have a brand new bespoke front door developed by the sturdiest material protecting your home, but having a break-in is still quite possible. A bespoke front door that’s fitted with weak or flimsy locks is just as good as a door without them. No matter how hard the wood or how well-fitted the front door may be, all it is going to take is a little force. A single big kick and the lock’s fixing screws will very well give in to the force and break, leaving your entire house unprotected.

To help understand the importance of a strong lock, let’s consider another scenario. Rather than going for a sturdy Accoya wood door, you might like something more antique, but a big, strong lock will provide you with the protection you crave. Similarly, you could have a modern sturdy door fitted inside a Victorian door frame, but your door still will not go with a strong lock. Hence, no matter what kind of door you get and how you fit it, the lock makes a huge difference, one that you cannot ignore.

Victorian four panel door
Nothing lasts forever! A Victorian front door in St. Leonards- on- Sea

However, you can’t ignore the quality of the door you get either. You might have the best lock in the business, but an old and dilapidated door will simply fall to pieces if struck with great force. Therefore, your door needs to be developed with the right material and the correct amount of care. If you go for something old, or something that has weakened, you will end up having your property’s security breached and its integrity compromised. Hence, when it comes to your home’s protection, each aspect needs to be given the right amount of care it deserves.

Each part of your front door needs to be robust, strong, and trustworthy for you to get the very best out of it. If there’s a single weak link in the chain, it will be your security that is compromised. Hence, making sure that each part does its job well is what you need to take care of when having your front door designed and built. If you relax in any single part, what you will get is a compromised door that can cause you problems.

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