How a Front Door Influences Your House’s Value

When going about developing a house, people often spend hundreds of thousands in designing and creating the perfect interior. However, what they fail to see many times is the importance of a feature that shapes the house’s worth more than anything else: the front door. 

period front doors

Period front doors have long been taken as one of the most important aspects of a house, with the special value given to them at all times. In times gone by, front doors held special distinction and were deemed as a sign of a family’s wealth and affluence. Hence, they were a status symbol that passed on a specific impression on anyone who looked at them. 

The front doors would often be adorned with layers of paints and engraved to give them a special and regal look. The style had no bearing on the craftsmen’s attempts at giving front doors the most appealing look possible. Victorian doors have featured heavily since the Victorian era, and have been a part of 21st Century architecture ever since. Hence, doors have long since held high importance for houses, with many modern architectural trends being based on around the ones that had been set in centuries past. 

victorian front doors

The phrase “the first impression is the last impression” holds true for front doors when looking at the structure of the house. Front doors might not be the last impression, depending on the interior you have in your house, but they do make for a long-lasting first impression. They are the gateway to your home and they need to look welcoming and beautiful. 

Front doors are more than just aesthetic structures. They offer one more highly important feature: security. While the front door allows people inside, it also tells them their boundaries and points out where they have to stay if they are not invited. A strong and robust front door gives you a greater sense of security. In contrast, a worn-out and flimsy door that looks old and unsafe is just the invitation a thief would need to enter your house and rob you of your items. Furthermore, front doors also provide protection from the weather outside, keeping your interior protected from winds and dust. Hence, they perform many different functions beyond just being an aesthetic monument.


If you think the importance of a front door makes finding an ideal one difficult, we at Bespoke Front Door are here to make sure that you get the very best. We try to emulate the best of the Victorian Era grandeur and beauty when developing your front doors, making the perfect feature for your house. We have a special penchant for the British period style and are committed to preserving our architectural heritage. Bespoke Front Door designs, produces and provides installations services for Victorian doors at your homes. We are committed to making sure that our clients are satisfied with what create. We do so by ensuring that our Victorian front doors are strong, beautiful, and, most of all, authentic. 

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