Edwardian Front Doors

Edwardian Front Doors were the norm all the way back in the 1900s. They were panelled, large and painted with Neo-Georgian glass or Art Nouveau. It was common to paint them in green or red. The need for Edwardian Front Doors came about with a bunch of factors in play. This was a period where the economy was relatively stable and people could afford larger, airy houses that could contain larger Halls and also come with gardens in the back as well as the front of the houses. These houses were generally constructed on larger plots than the Victorians and were meant to be nearer to the towns and cities.

London door

Edwardian Front Doors were an ideal match in this case as they tended to be just the right amount of large and also happened to be more stylish. This was a time when the decoration of the exterior of the houses was meant to be elaborate and flamboyant and featured everything from porches, verandas, and balconies. Since it had become common for householders to not have maids to help around the house, it was convenient to go for a relatively more maintenance free, easy to manage door like the Edwardian Front Door.

Edwardian front doors

In contrast with their predecessor – Victorian Front Doors – Edwardian Front Doors were much bigger and reflected the strong influence of the Art Nouveau styles as well as the Queen Anne Revival. These doors came with a terracotta surround or a dressed stone whereas the panelled, carved doors were often made of untreated oak.

The houses that installed Edwardian Front Doors were characterized by their wooden porches, brackets and turned spindles. The door itself was often painted with one color and framed with another, contrasting color. Knockers continue to be fitted in the period front doors of most houses, but the Advent of the electric doorbell in the Edwardian Era made them much less common over time and ultimately eliminated their use altogether.

Period front doors

Tiling in porch walls as well as the entry walls was also common in both Suburban and Terraced properties – and all of this matched perfectly with the aesthetic of the Edwardian Front Door to result in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look for the entrance of the house.

The Edwardian Front Doors in this era often had a glazed top panel as house owners were looking to maximize the natural light coming into the hallways and the house. The doors could have rectangular panels of glass that were either plain or bevelled. They also often featured abstract designs with the help of Art Nouveau coloured leaded lights.

Victorian front door

Edwardian front doors are design classics and come in a wide range of varieties when it comes to style, size and design. You can go with a more colourful approach, or choose a classic and subtle design for your London door. Whatever way you choose, Edwardian Front Doors will make your house and its entrance all the more pretty. If you should choose to replace your front door with an Edwardian front door, Bespoke Front Door has the perfect make, style and design for your house.

Bespoke Front Door


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