Front Door Knockers – A Brief History


Front door Knockers are just the regal and graceful touch your front door needs to stand out. They’re gorgeous, they’re vintage – and they’re convenient! But while the role of front door knockers might be pretty obvious to you at this point, they were not always a part of Edwardian front doors – and their distinct history is quite fascinating.



The story goes way back into time: Centuries ago, during the Classic Age Of Greece. Door Knockers begin to be a thing in Ancient Greece thousands of years ago.
The reason? Unannounced guests! The Greeks were not particularly fond of unannounced guests barging into their house any time they wanted. To enter without warning came to be considered against common etiquette. Now something was needed to help the people make their visit announced. And just knocking on the door with a knuckle apparently wasn’t enough!  The use of door knockers also has to do with the rivalry between Sparta and Athens. While the Athenians we’re considered uncivil and ill mannered for entering without warning or just knocking on the door with care hands, the Athenians prided themselves on having the right kind of entrance protocol in the form of sophisticated and beautiful front door knockers.



It’s more interesting to note that the door knockers we’re just directly arrived at for a conclusion. The Greeks used many other forms of hangings before finally coming up with door knockers. Initially, the doors has replaced hangings that did the job of offering privacy and better safety. In fact, the Greeks even used slaves whose only purpose was to answer the door. This was inconvenient and way too much of a trouble, however. The slaves weretked to the door and weren’t permitted to wander off. If the slaves fall asleep out of boredom (can we blame them?), the visitors to the house would knock on the period front door with a short iron bar in order to wake them up and have them open the door. This is where the trouble really started. The Greeks begin to realize that the iron bar was a terrible idea. It made it easy for the intruders to attack the occupants of the house!



 Lo and behold, it was time for a different strategy to adopt. A new and more advanced technology was needed by the Greeks to solve the issue. This came in the form of…..door knockers! They didn’t just start off in the shape we have today, however. At first, door knockers were just a heavy ring fastened to the door. Over time the door knocker came to a different shape. Fast forward to a few centuries, as the front door knocker came to use in the Victorian Era. Trust the Victorians to have added their aesthetic to everything they used. Front Door knockers became a beautiful and nuanced door article, and came to the form we have today. Everything really does have history, and Victorian front door knockers just happen to have the most exciting and fascinating!


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