Easter Ideas For Front Door

Easter is all about bringing families closer and having a good time together. But with this auspicious occasion also comes the decorations and ornations that symbolize the event. If you’re decorating your house this Easter, make sure to go full in and really get in full swing! While you’re going to be decorating all parts of your house – from the porch to the rooms to the walls – don’t leave out your Victorian front door! Your front door is the entrance to your beautiful house and will give away the flare of all the festivities and decorations to everyone passing by.

This Easter, make sure to decorate your front door with flowers, eggs and everything that glitters and shines. Below are our Top 3 Period Front Door Ideas For Easter:

Easter Wreath


The classic Easter Wreath! The Easter Wreath resting beautifully on your front door is just the warm and festive welcome all the guests wants into your house. You can choose to make a big, heavy Easter Wreath that just hangs alone on the London door on its own, or you can go for a relatively smaller Easter Wreath that can be further ornated with other kinds of decorations. If you’re choosing to add more decorations along with the Wreath, make sure they’re all color cordinated and look good hung next to each other. Flowers, multi colored eggs, and a pretty little ribbon on the top. What could possibly go wrong with this classic decoration idea!


Front doors

Bright, pretty and colorful – flowers encapsulate just the spirit of Easter and will add all the more ornation and detail to your overall decoration. While you might already be thinking of adding flowers to your front door along with the Wreath, you can go for an alternative plan that involves no wreath and just a whole ton of multicolored flowers!  Divide your front door into left and right, and hang a whole bunch from both sides. Keep a flower vase right next to your door to make it even more co ordinanted and gorgeous. Flowers, flowers, and flowers – this is the over-the-top look you want for your Easter!



Umbrellas serve many purposes; to shield yourself from the rain, to be used as a weapon to fight with enemies – and as the ornament to your front door on Easter. Truly a multi-purpose device! Hanging an umbrella, or two, on your front door is actually not that common a practise and is the unique look you want this Easter. Of course, the umbrella won’t just be hanging on its own. It will be elaborately decorated with flowers and eggs on all sides and tarted up in every way possible before it’s ready for the hanging. You can also pair the umbrella idea with the other two ideas stated above to go for a truly detailed and in-your-face Easter look. Remember, the more the merrier!

Bespoke Front Door.


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