Front door color trends for 2018


Period front doors are ever evolving and have had a different style, tone and color in every era. The current front door color trends tend to be more towards the lighter shades, but also depend heavily on the region where you live and its weather as well as its own ongoing London front door color trends. We break down the most popular front door trends:

Breakfast room green


Victorian  door.JPG

This is the cooler, lighter weight and carefree choice for your front door. It adds a more breezy look to your Victorian front door and will be an inviting gesture to anyone (hopefully not an intruder!)  about to enter your house. Just add this brilliant combination of white and green into your house and achieve this cool, pretty look for your house. If white and green isn’t quite your cup of tea, go for a different shade combination such as white and pale blue. Either way, you’re making a fabulous choice that will add all the more beauty to your house!

Yellow cake


Who doesn’t want some sunshine in their life! This color is inspired by the sun, the sunflowers and everything nature. It’s a bright yellow – warm and inviting color that adds some nuance into your house and will make it even more gorgeous. Make sure this color is actually in sync with the rest of your home décor and not clashing with the colors as it is a pretty radical choice and can look like a mess if not considered properly.


Period front doors.JPG

The redder the merrier! Red is the perfect bold and empowering choice you want to make for your front door. Think of it as an inspired by the rose. It really adds a more flowery and deductive touch to your house. This color happens to be quite niche. However, this also makes it a much more unique option and hence will add a distinct vibe of hot and pretty. You’re in for a lot of oohs and perhaps a shower of compliments from your guests!

Stiffkey blue

Victorian front door

This is another inviting color but also has some distinct personality that makes it a bold and empowering choice. It’s the ideal choice in case your inner decor happens to be painted in a lighter color. That’s a really beautiful choice that can add more uniqueness and personality to the front of your house. As with red, this is definitely a more standard choice and hence must be made in accordance with the rest of the home décor. It must not clash with the color of the walls inside or it might end up looking hideous!

Bespoke Front Door.


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