Some Interesting Facts About Doors


Doors are not just the gateway to our houses – they’re truly our first introduction to the people around us! You might not have paid much attention to the art of doors until you had to purchase one. While it is very important to be aware of details about the quality, design and make of period front doors as you are buying them, it’s also fun to learn some historic, architectural and informational trivia about doors just to gain some fun knowledge and perhaps impress your friends! Here, we break down some interesting and fascinating facts about the doors around the world.

Victorian Doors

Victorian Doors are all the rage in houses inside London, but they have a history that goes way beyond – a century or so ago! During the Victorian Era, doors were quite the status symbol and were seen as an indication of the wealth and status of the houses’ occupants. They were often carved and then grained or painted in order to look more expensive. Gleaming Brass or Stained glass was often used to make the door furniture. Then and now, Victorian front Doors have maintained their legacy and continue to be a very important feature of the quintessential London house. Moreover, they have expanded in variety and now come in a number of different sizes, designs, textures and make.

Victorian front doors

The Largest Door in The World

The largest door in the world happens to be located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, in the Vehicle Assembly Building in NASA! The door is more than 450 feet high. In fact, there are four of these doors situated at the same place—each big enough to enable the in and out of space shuttles in the building. The doors are so huge that they take around 45 minutes just to close or open!



Bizarrely enough, doors have quite an important place within dreams and can be interpreted to represent many things. The most common belief is that a door is meant to be an indication of change within one’s life if it appears in a dream. The appearance of the door, on the other hand, is a marker of how you feel about this change in your life. Some things really have more significance than it seems!

Period front door

Doors were meant to be really simple back in the day

They have not always been fancy! Back in the day, doors were just meant to be a plain slab of wood with a hinge inserted. They also were not particularly durable or have any special security features. Nothing less, nothing more than a simple block of wood. We’re glad some things have changed since then!

Traditional front doors.jpg

The Oldest Door in Europe

The oldest door in all of Europe was discovered by archaeologists during the excavation of a site in Zurich. This door has been estimated to be around 5,100 years old, and has been dated by analyzing the tree rings of the its wood.

London door


Bespoke Front Door


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