Stained Glass vs Leaded Lights: A Guide

If you’ve ever come across the terms ‘stained glass’ and ‘leaded light’ before and wondered what the difference between the two is, we’re here to break it down for you. While the difference between the two is pretty subtle, it does exist.  While stained glass is glass that is often found in large buildings and church  and tends to be more ornate,  leaded light glass is usually found is houses and small properties and comprises small pieces of colored glass that is held together by lead strips to create a single pane of glass.

Period front door

The traditionally designed leaded lights are created through the incorporation of different textures and types of glass. The single pieces of glass are bonded together via lead. The joints are all subsequently soldered together to create the leaded-light. The leaded light is also made weatherproof by cementing. Leaded lights can be encapsulated inside double glazed units. As this design is more traditional, it is more popular in period buildings.


Stained glass, on the other hand, features hand painted pictures usually fired onto the glass. It is basically a more ornate form of the leaded light as it contrasts with the plain style of the leaded lights. Stained glass is often found on church windows. Do keep in mind, however, that leaded light and stained glass are often confused with each other as well as used interchangeably in domestic as well as commercial use.

Victorian front door

Leaded light happens to be very popular with Bespoke Front Door clients in part because of how aesthetically pleasing it is. It’s just too pretty! If you’re looking to install a Victorian front door with leaded lights in your property, keep a few important things in mind:

When it comes to this type of Edwardian front door, less is more! For the larger areas of glass, make sure you choose a combination of pale colors. This is because too much dark tones might lead you to lose valuable sunlight into your hallway as well as make your leaded light seem heavy. Also make sure to have a look at any present front doors with leaded light in your area or street in order to recreate these local designs in your own house. This can help you add a twinge of historic authenticity to the front door in your property. The existence of leaded lights in front doors in London is often consistent within areas an can in fact be used to date buildings just based on the texture of the leaded lights.


Bespoke Front Door offers the most stunning leaded glass panels. It provides a complete service from the initial design consultation all the way to the completion of the front door. We deal in contemporary as well as traditional designs and our doors are available in custom in order to be personalized according to your choice of texture and color. Install a leaded lights door to your entrance, and add some grace and elegance to your property!

Bespoke Front Door



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