The Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract

Large deposits and an unsatisfactory final product? Not anymore. Bespoke Front Door makes sure to facilitate its customers in all ways possible. We produce high standard Victorian front doors that will meet all your requirements. From design and quality all the way to the final product– Bespoke Front Door ensures that the London doors we make for you are truly reflective of your vision and are a beautiful new addition to your house. In fact, our clientage has been so consistently satisfied with our work that we’ve decided to take it a few notches over all your other front door options in the market. In order to ensure that our customers are able to get Period front doors made from us that are easy on their pockets and yet perfectly aligned with their requirements – we’ve launched the Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract with additional conditions that ensure full customer satisfaction!

Victorian front door
An Victorian front door with sandblasted glass

So, how does it work?

All our orders can be subdivided into two different kinds of work:


  • Front doors fitted to existing door frames:


This is the order undertaken when the door frame already exists and just has to be fitted with a new door. Orders of this type usually take no more than a day to complete. The Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract ensures that you only settle your bill once the order has be completed and you are satisfied with it, and then the order gets signed off and paid for at the end of the day.

London front doors


  • Front doors fitted with new door frames:


As the same suggests, this is case when the door frame and the front door both have to created and fitted. Orders of this type usually take three days to complete. The Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract ensures that you’re fully aware of the product as it’s being made. On the first day of the order completion, you can pay off 60% of the total bill as you review the progress on the product. The order continues for the next two days but your remaining 40% is only pending at the end of the third day as the order is completed, reviewed by you and then signed off.

Front door London


In an industry where it has become common for companies to just dupe customers into large deposits and then take too long to complete the order, the Bespoke Front Door Unique Contract ensures that our customers’ orders are fulfilled in a timely manner and also with the consent and awareness of the customer.

Period front door


We make sure that our customers are not just left powerless in the completion process of the order and then left with a final product that does not even meet their requirements! At Bespoke Front Door, we’re so fully confident on our work and our client’s satisfaction that we don’t ask for any kind of deposit as you place the order and the completion process begins. Try it out for yourself!

Bespoke Front Door


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