How to choose the right front door for your house


The Front Door to your house says a lot about who lives inside a swell as determines the value of your house. Choosing a front door that is in accordance with your overall aesthetic for your house is essential to ensuring that your house looks stylistically consistent. The door must be aesthetically pleasing and fit the look of your house – there are also many other factors involved in choosing the ideal Victorian front door for your house. We break down the four most important aspects of choosing the perfect front door:


Edwardian front doors.JPG


The first step to this process is obviously to figure out your budget – how much you’re willing to spend and what exactly you’re looking for in terms of quality. You want to make sure to make the right budgeting choices from the beginning in order to avoid additional costs in reordering or modifying.  Your budget must be decided with the investment value of the front door factored in. London doors are a highly significant part of a house and can help increase the monetary value of property. Your budgeting on the front door must hence reflect the significance of this choice.

Victorian front doors.JPG


The material that has been used to make your door is also an essential aspect of your choice. The material also influences the price of the door and hence must be decided on carefully. If you’re looking for a strong door, you’ll be good with material choices of steel, wood, fiberglass or glass. If you’re looking to add more of an aesthetic quality to your door, you’ll have to pay additional costs to get decorative glass or patterned doors that come with caming, bevels or textures. Make sure the material you are choosing is durable and resistant to corrosion.

Victorian doors.jpg


The size of your door is another important part of the period front door choice and will impact the overall cost of the door. The decision here will obviously be based on the dimensions of your entryway. Make sure to factor in any decorative panels or elements into the size of the door. Based on the size of your entryway, you might require a door is that wider, thicker or taller than average. If you’re not exactly sure of how to determine and calculate the dimensions of the front door, make sure to get guidance from a professional before making the final choice.

London doors.JPG


The design of the door might just be the most important aspect of the door in your mind. And rightfully so. The front door adds curb appeal to your house and reflects on the personality of your house and your family. If you want simple look to the door, you can go for a classic wood paneled door, if you’re looking for a more artistic touch, you include more glass or decorative elements to the door. Suit a door that isn’t clashing with the look of your house nut instead complements and beautifies it even more.


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