The Three Biggest Doors In The World

Doors are the gateway to our own homes and our own little world. While you might have always taken doors for granted and never really looked into how intriguing they can be, doors are actually a fascinating concept if you really go deep into it. Their history, their evolution over time, the importance with which they have been treated over the centuries – the way they were considered a status symbol during the Period Era’s – the list is endless when it comes to period front doors. We at Bespoke Front Door love digging into the most interesting and informative aspects of doors and their creation. In this post, we cover a very interesting yet understated topic – the biggest doors in the world! The following is a list and description of the 3 biggest and most massive gates and doors, as well as other entryways, in the world – including what they’re used for and where they are located.

NASA Assembly Building

These doors are located in the NASA Assembly Building in the United States. They’re located at the region in NASA where space shuttles are built. Their height? 456 feet! To put it clearly, this is the same height is three times the height of Niagara Falls, and also the same as the height of the world’s biggest roller coaster! Their purpose? Space Shuttles!


Space shuttles are huge, and inevitably require huge doors in order to fit in. These doors are so huge that it takes almost an hour just to fully open and close them. The workers at NASA must be having a field day with these everyday!

Vault doors

Fort Knox Vault Doors are located at Fort Knox in the United States and weight around 250 tonnes. If you think that huge a size is unjustified, you’re to be proved wrong. These doors serve in a gold bullion storage. Fort Knox has been known to store around 5000 tonnes of gold bullion. This would translate to more than 135 BILLION pounds (Did we even know that much money could exist in one place?).

Period front door

So, now it’s only fair that any door that is serving the sacred purpose of guarding billions of pounds must be just as strong and huge as the Fort Knox Vault Doors. That’s not all. Fort Knox Vaults are so well guarded that not a single person at Fort Knox knows the whole combination to enter the vault doors. It takes a host of contractors and employees to piece together small combination into the whole key and then open the vault.

Antwerp door

Antwerp Door is located at the Antwerp House in Belgium. These are glass front doors that are 20 feet tall. They serve in a private residence and are the pathway to a private garden. They weigh more than 4 tonnes.


These doors are taller than a tree and huge in size, yet also built with a pivoting system that makes them incredibly light weight and easy to open. Their huge weight and size is not stopping them from being efficient and practical. All we can say is kudos to the engineers behind this!


Bespoke Front Door.

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