How Your House’s Value Is Influenced by Your Front Door


Consider spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on your house’s interior, its architecture and its elevation – but missing out on perhaps the most visible and prominent feature of your house – the front door!


Victorian front door

Period front doors have historically been considered one of the most prominent features of a house, and have always been placed special value on. In the Period Eras, front doors were considered extremely important and were perceived as an indication of the wealth of the house’s occupants. They were equivalent to a status symbol and meant to serve a very important purpose in giving a first impression to anyone passing by or entering the house. The doors would be grained or painted to give an expensive look, the door frame would come with an architrave in order to sync with the door. The doors would also be elaborately carved and paneled. Regardless of the interior or style of the house, the Victorian door was an extremely important feature of any house in the Victorian Era. Things haven’t changed all that much in the 21st Century, as front doors continue to be one of the most primary features of every house.

Victorian doors.JPG

We’ve all heard the maxim. First impression is the last impression. Front doors are the case in point. While they may not be the last impression someone would have of your house, (hey, let’s give some credit to your interior too!) they’re certainly a long lasting impression to anyone who is lucky enough to enter your beautiful home.


Period front door

Front doors don’t just serve an aesthetic purpose. They’re also meant to elicit a sense of security. As the front door to your house is allowing people to enter in, it should also be a warning to stay away if uninvited! The ideal front door projects a sense of solidity and looks strong enough to deter the intruders and burglars. In contrast, a worn-out and flimsy door that looks old and unsafe is just the invitation a thief would need to enter your house and rob you off your items. Moreover, front doors are also meant to give protection from the weather. In short, front doors must contribute to a sense of security (both perceived and real) and yet manage to look quaint, warm and inviting.

London doors.JPG

If you’re going through this post and suddenly wondering if the ideal front door is rocket science, we’re here to prove you wrong! At Bespoke Front Door, we try to emulate just the Victorian Era grandeur and grace in making front doors for your house. We have a special penchant for British period style and are committed to preserving our architectural heritage. We design, produce and install Victorian doors in your homes. We are committed to making sure that our clients are satisfied with the doors we design and produce for them, and that our Victorian front doors are strong, beautiful and authentic to their historical sources.

Bespoke Front Door


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