Going global

Front doors have such significance in all our lives that they are used as a means of self-expression and not only identify individuals but also cultures and nations. Here in London we are so desensitised to how we express ourselves, via our mostly Victorian front doors, that we sometimes scarcely notice them. In the same way that we scarcely notice anything else that makes us Londoners or even British.

They say travel broadens the mind and doors from other places cause us to gaze inward and see our own period front doors with fresh eyes and appreciate how beautiful they are and what they tell the world about us. So here are some front doors from far and wide together with two of our own for you to ponder. Can you spot which they are?

London doors


bespoke front door


London front door


Handmade front door


Georgian Duo Front Doors


Period front door


bespoke front door











5 thoughts on “Going global

  1. Woh!
    These are lovely and amazing front doors, they remind me so much of how badly I wanted a custom door for my office last year. I think I will also need one for my new home now.


  2. Exactly. When I was in Asia, I noticed for the first time that doors can really express a person’s individuality or even culture. I came home and spent almost 20 minutes staring at my Edwardian front door to see what it says about me. Well, I know it’s inviting and warm for sure. That should be what my personality looks like. Lol.


  3. Hmm.. I’ve not really thought about front doors in a different light. Whatever door is new, strong and can ward off thieves is a good enough door for me. Maybe I’ll consider going for a personalized door when next I think of investing in a new door.


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