Welcome home


Well there isn’t any point having a gorgeous, new, period front door and ignoring everything around it is there? There are many ways that we can accessorise our door ways. For example, if you have a Victorian front door you may compliment it with pretty Victorian mosaic tiles. Some London doors are contemporary and are flanked with stylish outdoor lighting. Whatever type of door you have, the chances are you will need a mat to wipe your muddy feet on and in this blog post we bring you some entertaining examples.


Some mats are positioned inside your front door:


Others go on the outside:


Goodbye you lovely people!

3 thoughts on “Welcome home

  1. This is so true. A lovely interior without a mat at the front door to make those feet clean before entering is not complete. Most times these mats even do more than wiping your muddy feet, they are a warm welcome to you sometimes.


  2. These are lovely mats here. front door mats are just as important to a home as the front door itself because without one at the door, you will surely be needed to clean more often than necessary.


  3. These are really good mats for the house. But i will always love my mat to be complementing the color of my front door. It is a decor tip I have learned long time ago.


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