Silence is golden

It is sometimes the case that a door is required to close as quietly as possible. For instance, in communal buildings the occupants of the ground floor flat, whose bedroom may be adjacent to the communal entrance door, may find themselves perpetually irked by the banging of the main front door as their neighbours’ arrive home late in the evening. So what can be done?

A magnetic door lock

First we must identify the causes of the noise. Usually there are two of them: the sound of wood banging on wood as the door hits the door stops on the frame and the sound of the lock striking its lock keep. There is sometimes a third cause of noise in communal front doors – the buzzing of an electronic entry lock. If a new front door is being fitted then we can eliminate or reduce the effect of each of these in turn to make a significant reduction in volume.

  1. Locks – replacing the communal lock for a magnetic lock eliminates the sound of the lock hitting its lock keep and any buzzing sounds. Many magnetic locks have an entirely silent operation.
  2. Replace the doorstops for new ones that incorporate a generous, soft draught excluder. This prevents the wood-on-wood impact noise created when the door closes.
  3. Overhead door closer – install an overhead closer that is fitted with a brake. This will swing the door closed at a brisk pace but arrests its motion just before contact with the door frame is made. The door then moves slowly for the final few centimetres so that contact with the cushioned door stops is gentle and quiet and then the magnetic lock anchors the door in the closed position

2 thoughts on “Silence is golden

  1. Oh! Thanks for this tip: it’s so timely. The opening and closing of my door has being a source of disturbance to my gentle neighbors just that they can’t come to complain to me in person.
    In order to save my face, I think I will need to change to a magnetic lock as soon as possible.


  2. I think the overhead door closer will be perfect for me. The noise of the does not only disturb my neighbors but can often times put me off my sleep whenever i plan to have a short nap in the day and on weekends.


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