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Leadlight & Lions

Some period front doors just work and everything about them clicks. Why? Because the relationships between the door furniture, the glass, the paintwork and the joinery is coherent.

Edwardian front door with leaded light

It goes without saying that the style, proportions and architectural period of this front door are right on the money for this late-Victorian home but the little things are right too.



Leaded light gives a lovely, traditional feel to any front door. Farrow & Ball’s Off Black is a very dark charcoal colour and it c0-ordinates beautifully with the dark grey lead-lines and the black, hand-painted house number in the fanlight above.



Victorian front doors furniture adds to that traditional look and feel and makes this door look as though it has always been there! The aged, Lion’s Head centre knob brings gravitas and character.

Bespoke Front Door.

4 thoughts on “Get the look…

  1. Oh! That knob reminds me so much about growing up. It used to be the 1st pride of our beautiful home then.
    I wouldn’t mind having this back though.


  2. Yeah!
    That is correct of Lead light. Whenever I visit a house for the first time and see a lead light at the front door, it gives me the feel of being at home already.


  3. Heard about your work, but visiting your site for the first time. The Gallery here displays exactly what I expect for my front door. Your quick response would be appreciated.


  4. Indeed the lead light doors add more to a front door’s beauty. Can’t wait to give my house that look. Hope hiring your service will be affordable enough for me.


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