Why is your front door so important?

Here are the views of some people whose business it is to know the answer…

“So many people neglect the importance of their front door. Painting your door in an attractive dark shade, and either polishing or replacing your door furniture can make a huge difference to a buyer’s first impressions. Dark colours are said to work best, but take a look at your neighbours’ doors and if light colours are a theme consider a more muted grey or pale green, neither of which colours are likely to alienate potential buyers.”

An extract from a guest blog by Phil Spencer on Ratedpeople.com

“The first impression that a property makes on a seller is crucial to how the rest of the visit goes. Buyers generally find unkempt gardens, derelict fencing and gates, and front garden areas full of cars to be a turn off.
As one Leeds based agent surmised, ‘If they’re not smiling as they step over the threshold then the rest of the viewing is generally a waste of time. If the vendor doesn’t sort it out then you can end up reducing the price. For every eager buyer put off by the surface appearance there’s a shrewd old pro waiting for the price to tumble. It’s the vendor who loses out.”

A pair of Edwardian front doors in north London

“On first thought, the condition of your victorian front door may not seem like a significant factor in the overall value of your home. But according to experts, you may want to reconsider that thought.
Here’s why: The period front door is a very important part of a home’s curb appeal and contributes greatly to the home’s overall value, says Lipford.
“It’s usually the first opportunity to influence a guest to your home, or a potential buyer of your home, because they’re going to see that from the road,” explains Lipford. “It’s the nose on the face of the house, and it’s important to showcase it in the best light that you possibly can.”

An extract from an interview with Danny Lipford, host and executive producer of the home improvement television show, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford®

Don’t just take our word for it,

Bespoke Front Door

2 thoughts on “Why is your front door so important?

  1. I simply agree with Bespoke. It wasn’t easy getting a buyer here in London until a touch of their services on my door front. I really appreciate.


  2. Thanks for the blog. I learned a new thing about the beauty of the front and what it implies. I wish I knew this before now. Thanks Bespoke for the little info.


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