Spotted: We come in pairs

Hello, my name is John but you can call me the Sherlock Holmes of front doors. Read my regular door rambles here on the Bespoke Front Door blog.

Scoping the same streets of East London that led me to my encounter with the grand Georgian front door which I spotted in one of my previous post, I came across a pair of intriguing, non-identical twins.

They’re savvy, they’re edgy and they’re Georgian.

Georgian Duo Front Doors
Georgian duo flush front doors spotted in East London

They barely have any shelter so both front doors sport flush panels which provide a swift run off for rain water. With the same door furniture, lock placement, lettering and a similar choice of colour they have a symmetrical and complimentary feel. But there is an intriguing difference. Have you noticed it?

This pair have completely different fanlight shapes and brickwork which is very unusual considering all of their similarities. There are no signs of repair work or alterations meaning that this design is curiously deliberate.

Out of ten I sincerely rate this quirky display an eleven and a half!



One thought on “Spotted: We come in pairs

  1. Hmm!
    This is of course strange and lovely as well. I am sure the people living in these two apartments will be having so much similarities too. Lol


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