Spotted: A belgian beauty of curves

Hello, my name is Juliet and I currently have a certain appreciation (cough obsession) for … you guessed it … London doors.

Read my front doors rambles right here as the latest new edition to the Bespoke Front Door blog. Let us begin with this beauty.
An amazing art nouveau period front doors in Belgium with more curves than you could shake a Belgian waffle at! The sweeping mid-rail in the door and the complicated stop chamfers around the glazing would be a challenge for the best of joiners and mark this door out as something a bit special. Not to mention the beautiful, floral, leaded light which uses opaque, coloured panes in the leaves to great effect. The curves in the joinery, the shaped hinges, the floral lead design and the converging curves of the surrounding masonry result in a doorway which oozes with organic art nouveau style.

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