Spotted: 1930s living

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1930s door
Modern 1930’s front door spotted in North London

Sometimes you just want something simple but classic. I love 1930’s front doors because you get exactly that. This is a front door whose design was inspired by British architects, the people responsible for flipping Victorian front doors upside down to create that distinctive 1920s/ 1930s look.

This front door is simple but effective. The clear, square glass panels which appear black in the daylight look pared down and clean and work well in a door with so many glazing bars. The dark grey/ green paint against pure white is the perfect colour choice for that no fuss appeal. I recommend trying Farrow & Ball’s Black Blue No.95 or Studio Green no.93 for something a tad darker. Mmm I can just smell the garden from here.


2 thoughts on “Spotted: 1930s living

  1. I never get tired of seeing great and breathtaking ancient designs. It also inspires historical archeology, I am a strong fan of archeological science


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