Spit and polish

Wander the streets of a big city like London and you’ll notice quite quickly how dirty the buildings look, even in areas where there are no factories or power plants. Exhaust fumes from traffic are generally to blame. As well as blackening brickwork, sooty deposits from exhaust fumes will also affect the hardware and paintwork on your front door. We are often asked how best to clean grubby door furniture and this week we share our top tips.

Pollution in London
Pollution in London

Lacquered brass

Under normal circumstances lacquered brass door furniture should give many years of service with minimal maintenance. They should be regularly cleaned with a cloth moistened with hand-warm, soapy water or alternatively wiped over with a soft cloth with beeswax. Under no circumstances should any form of metal cleaner or aerosol spray be used.

Unlacquered brass

To keep unlacquered brass bright and shiny use a metal cleaner such as Brasso. Apply the cleaner to a cotton cloth and clean in a circular motion. Avoid making contact with the painted surface of the door as this may affect the paint finish.

A polished chrome scroll knocker
A polished chrome scroll knocker


Chrome products are virtually maintenance free. However, deposits will accumulate especially on period front door fittings. We therefore recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth and non-abrasive wax polish.

So there you have it and may your Victorian front door furniture sparkle in the summer sun.

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