Colouring in

Choosing just the right colour for your front door is a matter for some serious thought. Throughout the last ten years variations on putty, sage green and pale grey have predominated as the colours of choice for London front doors.

Edwardian front door
A putty coloured Edwardian front door

We were first introduced to these subtle paint colours by companies championing historic colour palettes for internal walls and woodwork. These colours soon migrated from the inside of our houses to our front doors. Interestingly, such colours, while historically perfect for a Victorian drawing room, would rarely have been used by Victorians on their front door. Georgian and Victorian homeowners usually painted their front doors in conservative colours – black, dark green, dark brown, navy blue and occasionally white. So ironically, the effect of using a traditional internal palette on the outside was to make doors look very contemporary, because they hadn’t been seen there before.

A traditional front door with a contemporary feel is still hugely popular and the appetite for pale subtle tones remains strong. But coinciding with the recent explosion of interest in all things vintage, we’re noticing some movement back towards traditional colours and more traditional hardware. Dark greens, mid and pale blues, very dark greys, black, white, bright yellow and pillar box red are all enjoying a resurgence. And brass is back! Reclaimed vintage hardware is increasingly popular as is unlacquered brass ware which can either be left to oxidise and tarnish, or polished to remain lustrous and gleaming.

Victorian four panel front door
A Victorian four panel front door, in Farrow & Ball ‘Railings’ paint

Your front door says a lot about you. It tells passers-by, your neighbours and your guests something about who you are, your tastes and your style. If your inclination is for a contemporary take on a period style then consider blue- greys, off whites and warm mushrooms with polished chrome door furniture. If something more traditional is your cup of tea then go for the classics.

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