Pieces of light

You may have heard the terms ‘leaded light’ and ‘stained glass’ before and wondered what the difference is between the two. “Not a great deal!” would be the honest answer to that question, although there is a subtle distinction. Leaded light is more commonly found in homes and describes small pieces of coloured glass supported by lead strips to create a single pane of glass. Stained glass on the other hand refers to glass which is made in the same way but is more ornate and can often be found in churches and other large buildings. Stained glass usually features hand painted pictures fired onto the glass such as the cherub below which is currently being refurbished by our glass makers.

Stained glass front door
A stained glass cherub

The leaded light designs found in London front doors are usually either geometric or floral in style. Designs were heavily influenced by the prevailing tastes of the day and are often so characteristic of the time that the property was built that they can be used to help date a building.

Front door with stained glass
A pane of floral leaded light

The popularity of leaded light with Bespoke Front Door customers is very much underpinned by its aesthetics- it’s just so pretty! If you are considering a front door with leaded light here are one or two things to think about:

1. Are there examples of front doors with leaded light in your road or area? If so, consider recreating one of the local designs to add some historic authenticity to your new front door.

2. Most leaded light designs found in front doors incorporate one or two borders. These are great places to use deeper colour tones such as blood red or navy blue. Darker borders will really stand out when the sunlight hits them and they’ll help define your design.

3. Less is more! When choosing the colours for the larger areas of glass stick with combinations of pale colours. Too many of the dark tones will make your leaded light look heavy and you will lose valuable sunlight into your hallway.

In next week’s blog we’ll be looking at how London’s doors swing!

See you then,

Bespoke Front Door

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